07 May Infographic: Bad Customer Service- Why Are 20% of Your Customers Cursing at Service Agents?

Despite every company in the market understanding the importance of providing excellent customer service, many companies are struggling to meet customers’ needs. In a recent report, Forrester Research, Inc. described:

“As organizations strive to succeed in the age of the customer, business and IT professionals responsible for customer service struggle to understand changing customer behavior, re-engineer end-to-end business processes, acquire and deploy the appropriate supporting technologies, and lead and sustain the organizational changes required to make the transition to new ways of working.”

At the heart of the customer service issue is the fact that many organizations are playing catch up with customers and the new ways they want to connect with their favorite brands. As a result, customers are frustrated (many are loosing their cool) with the lack of support and seamless integration across multiple communication channels.

Customers want to connect with companies via chat on their websites and on Facebook. They want to engage with brands on Twitter and other social media networks, and YES, they also want to speak with a live agent.

There is a gap between what companies know they should do and what they are actually doing to keep their customers happy. Check out our infographic to understand what customers expect from companies and how they react when they don’t receive the service they expect.
Here are some of the most shocking customer service statistics from the Forrester report:

  • Customer experience a top priority: 93% of organizations say;
  • BUT only 37% of them have a dedicated budget to improve customer experience;
  • Time is of the essence: 45% will abandon purchases if they can’t find answers quickly;
  • Cross-channel customer service: 74% of customer service organizations say improving cross-channel customer experiences was the top objective
  • Learn what your customer loves: Only 23% said they have adequate resources to support a Voice of the Customer program
  • Knowledge management is essential: 67% of consumers use web self-service to find answers

To address the challenges of delivering great customer experiences, Moxie has launched its Social Knowledgebase product, which combines knowledge management technology with free enterprise collaboration. With this product, Moxie bridges the gap between knowledge workers and contact centers professionals by giving enterprises the ability to tap into the collective knowledge of their employees to enhance customer service – providing the right answers to customers, faster.

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