Desktop Sync

19 Jun Collaborate in Context – See the Latest from Spaces by Moxie

This morning Moxie announced its Desktop Sync functionality for Collaboration Spaces, which brings the power of collaboration to the user’s desktop. There are two key points that make this announcement unique: first, Moxie’s Desktop Sync is an integral component of our Collaboration Spaces and it was developed in-house to best suit the needs of our customers; second, it is available at no additional cost (yes, you read it correctly. There are no extra costs for customers).

I could use this post to highlight the awesome features of our Desktop Sync, but our two-minute video does a much better job in showing them to you. Instead, I wanted to share more background about our choice of offering this functionality at no additional cost.

Outlook is one of the most common applications used in business, arguably more so than any single browser. Charging customers a premium to use such a common interface to collaborate would be like charging them to use Chrome, Firefox or IE. The same can be said for the user desktop and the local file system.  Our Desktop Sync functionality provides an essential interface to our enterprise social software, and we wanted to make collaboration easier than ever, and not more expensive than ever.