Social Customer

17 Oct Meet the Needs of the Social Customer: Take an Integrated Approach to Employee and Customer Communications

Moxie Software has announced key social media and mobile capabilities to its Spaces by Moxie product suite that was focused on enhancing its customer service application, Customer Spaces. Different from any previous product update, Moxie is taking a holistic, well-balanced, approach executing on a long-term vision, and aiming to break the barriers between employee and customer collaboration, the two pillars of our product suite.

Obviously, Moxie is doing this by taking into careful consideration technology trends and the valuable feedback of our customers. By now, most people understand the power of adding a social component to customer service strategies. Social continues to gain greater prominence, and companies have no choice, but to engage with customers through social channels. By the same token, the need to communicate with customers through their preference channel makes mobile technology support another critical component in delivering a superior customer service.

Based on research conducted by Don Tapscott, author and advisor on media, technology and innovation, and also chairman of Moxie Insight, collaboration is at the heart of the biggest transformation corporations have seen in a century. This transformation is being driven by the maturation of the technology, mobility, a new generation of digital natives who want to work and interact with their favorite brands in new ways.

Along with social, latest mobile capabilities are a key requirement to meet the expectations of the social customer. Video and real-time collaborative technologies are creating big changes to the way companies interact with their customers, driving the need for internal resources to share information in a more dynamic way so customer service agents can accurately address end-users’ needs. It is impossible for enterprises to create an exceptional customer service experience if they can’t share knowledge effectively across the organization to ultimately respond to any customer problems.

Imagine this scenario: Today, when a customer broadcasts an issue on Twitter, companies typically handle this with 2-3 people who are tasked to monitor social media by sending a broadcast or direct message via Twitter.  In most cases, these frontline employees (and therefore the customers they are serving) are isolated from some of the best resources in the enterprise.

What Moxie Software is doing is connecting the people on the frontline to the brightest talent in the company and the best knowledge to solve the customer issue in a collaborative environment using Blogs, Wikis, Ideastorms and Projects.  Moxie Software’s CEO Tom Kelly discusses in this video our integrated approach to developing technologies that facilitate employee and customer interactions.

In response to latest technology trends to meet the demands of the social customer, we enhanced our Customer Spaces applications by adding these critical features:

  • Mobile Capabilities for Knowledgebase
    Moxie Software™ is extending its powerful Knowledgebase that crosses all channels of communication to mobile platforms. Moxie Software’s Knowledgebase is now optimized for Apple’s iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android and Blackberry devices. Companies can now deliver via mobile devices the same comprehensive online knowledge repository that provides accurate information to customers, partners and employees.
  • Enhanced Social Media Integration
    Moxie Software has further enhanced integration of its social media listening and sentiment analysis with Facebook, Yelp, Flickr and Yahoo Firehose (YQL), adding to its existing integration with Twitter, You Tube, Bing, Blogger, and Digg among others. Also included is the ability to send direct messages back to users on Twitter. By providing companies the most complete access to online social media channels, Spaces by Moxie can help customers protect their brand integrity by delivering the best customer support, and enabling rapid and accurate response to end-users.
  • Instant Messaging Capabilities
    Moxie Software is adding XMPP support for chat – an open protocol that will make it easy for popular chat client’s or web service to integrate with Customer Spaces’ chat. This platform is extensible to support other instant messaging protocols, enabling customers to contact an organization via Instant Messaging, and allowing agents to respond to IM within the Agent Workspace. It also provides report and tracking of instant messaging activity.
  • Smart Personalization for Better Web Customer Service Experience
    Smart Personalization integrates securely with legacy systems, tailoring content based on end-user purchase histories, support interactions, or other factors making the customer service experience quicker and more relevant. Its self-maintaining design always delivers the most updated and valuable information, while virtually eliminating the need to manage customer profiles outside legacy systems like CRM.

Moxie’s integrated product suite dramatically enhances employee and customer communications, facilitating collaboration between these two sides to truly deliver great services to end-users. This seems like a simplistic approach, almost a no-brainer; however, many companies fail to execute on this basic concept.