28 Sep Unleashing Enterprise Social Knowledge to Create a Better Customer Experience

In my conversations with press, analysts, customers and prospects I often say that  “social” goes beyond Facebook and Twitter.  I remind everyone that “social” is also talking on phone, texting, sending letters and e-mails, writing blogs, chatting and gathering in person as well as in a virtual, peer-to-peer community.

A few weeks ago, I bylined an article in Fortune discussing the need to support customers “through their preferred communication channel at the time of their choosing.” I believe this is critical for businesses and want to reiterate the point that “customer intimacy can only be created when companies provide flexible options for customers to get the right answer as opposed to just an answer. Business is conducted and shareholder value is created in a multi-dimensional, multi-channel, and YES, in a social world.”

To this end, customers are seeking accurate information about a company’s products or services. Therefore, it is time for organizations to discover ways to enable better connections between customers and employees, validating the right answers — in a dynamic environment — so knowledge can flow easily from employees to customers, and vice-versa.

Last week, we announced the industry’s first Enterprise Social Knowledge Solution. The new solution combines internal collaboration and external communities with a powerful knowledge base for better customer experiences. Social knowledge is the next generation of crowd-sourced answers, capturing authentic knowledge and making it available for employees, customers and partners.

Esteban Kolsky, principal and founder of ThinkJar, cleverly noted that, “the largest repository of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and pragmatic knowledge are the users of the products and services. We are beginning to see world-class, smart organizations leverage knowledge via social channels in what has been dubbed social knowledge. We will see the long-lasting and positive changes that social knowledge will have on organizations – effectively changing the way knowledge is created, used, and maintained by organizations and users.”

In the next weeks, we will be sharing exciting details about this new solution and how it will revolutionize how enterprise knowledge is generated and shared.

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