Adopt Social Enterprise Software

18 Oct A User-Friendly Design is Critical to Drive Adoption of Social Enterprise Software

As Facebook redefined communications in our personal lives, similar social networking technologies are being implemented across small to large enterprises to fit the new, collaborative dynamics at the workplace. However, many enterprise solutions in the marketplace lack the intuitive, people-centric design and simplicity found in the tools that we use to communicate with family and friends.

These solutions have poor adoption as they are designed based on older, document-centric technology instead of taking into consideration a people-centric approach that facilitates enterprise collaboration by being designed “For the Way People Work,” driving the latest trends around enterprise social software technology.

A recent usability study conducted by the independent firm Usability Resource, which analyzed and compared Moxie’s Software people-centric approach to enterprise social software versus the document-centric approach from Microsoft’s SharePoint, found that online community managers want a people-centric to drive enterprise-wide adoption of social enterprise software, increasing collaboration among employees, partners and customers. The infographic below details the results of the study:

Adopt Social Enterprise Software Infographic