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22 Apr Why Free Collaboration Spaces and Why Now?

Today, Moxie Software unveiled the free version of its Collaboration Spaces, our application that connects employees, customers and partners to accelerate innovation in the workplace – or most commonly described as “Facebook for the enterprise.” Many might ask why we chose this route, especially since there are other options currently available in the market from competitors, including Jive Software and Yammer.

We’ve seen, through the experience of our customers, that they need enough time, features and resources to determine the business process and systems they want to tie to the collaboration application. Jive Software and Yammer have offered solutions with either time or feature limits, which constrain the user experience:

  • There are too many limitations imposed on the “free” version our competitors are offering such as restrictions on the number of users, features or on the trial time, all of which are detrimental to customers.
  • Existing collaboration models shortchange the adoption of the technology, because it takes time to build awareness and people are interested in using a technology that creates a direct and beneficial link to business activities they develop.

collaboration-screenshotFree needs to deliver value, otherwise it is useless. So, are we putting our money where our mouth is? You better believe it. Many of the features that are key to enterprise social technology like activity stream, projects, groups, expertise locator, advanced search, wikis, and blogs among others are commodities, and should be made available for everyone. But, make no mistake. We want to drive revenue for our company too.

Enterprises will pay for the technology once its value has been realized and collaboration will then be tied to a specific business process—that is when it makes sense for companies to pay for collaboration technology, and this is the real opportunity for customers.

Moxie Software’s roots are in the customer service space, and our customers use enterprise social technology to provide better customer experiences. There is a real hunger in the market to adopt this technology; so far, dozens of organizations have already registered for Moxie’s free version of Collaboration Spaces.

We invite you to sign up and see how your organization can benefit!

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