Contextual Information

Smart. Thoughtful. Engagement.

No one likes a pushy salesperson, but everyone loves a helpful one. Boost your conversion rates simply by providing your customers with the answers they need, precisely when they need them, using Moxie’s intuitive Contextual Information app and complete digital engagement suite.

Virtual Assistance

Rather than deploying a clunky, reactive bot, Contextual Information allows you to be there for your customers in the exact capacity you’re needed–no more, no less.

Eliminate Struggle

Contextual Information takes the guesswork out of scenarios where customers seem to be struggling, allowing you to zero in on the issue and respond with text, audio or video content.

Program Responses

Turn your FAQs into instant answers by assigning an engagement to a behavior. Contextual Information strikes the perfect balance between human intelligence and technological deployment.


The fastest way to win both a single sale and brand loyalty is to engage the customer at hand with a thoughtful, well-executed self-service experience. Moxie’s Contextual Information app functions across platforms, guaranteeing you’ll never miss another conversion opportunity from mobile incompatibility or general inconvenience.

Proactive Automation

Anticipate your customers’ needs with programmed responses and preset content, bringing in human capital only when necessary. Contextual Information can provide all the benefits of chat, minus the manpower that chat requires.

Envision and Execute

Map web page elements without needing assistance from IT, and align your mapping with real-time customer behavior patterns to design a truly seamless experience. Mapped elements and engagement rules can also be extended across multiple web pages to maximize portability and efficiency.

Multimedia Engagement

Customers love video content, especially when it comes to tips, techniques and technical guides. Incorporate callout videos to aid more complex inquiries as they arise, rather than distracting self-sufficient customers with embedded media on the page.

Minimize Friction

Your coupon codes, sign-up forms and other promotional efforts should be helping you, not hurting you. Use Contextual Information to fix common errors across the board and break down all barriers to conversion.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


With Moxie, you’re not just getting a web self-service system. You’re gaining a partner who is invested in the success of your business. We’ve aligned with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BMC Remedy ITSM, and to ensure consistent, comprehensive service across platforms.

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