Concierge Analytics

Optimize Your Digital Engagements and Guide Your Customers to Success

Concierge Analytics, Moxie’s powerful reporting and analytics tool, provides you with insights to help inform and measure your guidance strategy. As a business leader you want to know the levers that reduce costs and drive growth.

Your customers need guidance and Concierge Analytics gives you the power to understand the impact of your guidance on revenue, customer engagement and costs.

Impact of Guidance
on Revenue

Where is your guidance helping you sell online? Guide customers through their experience to enhance their buying journey.

Reveal Customer Hesitation and Struggle

Where are you missing engagement opportunities? Analyze the points of hesitation and struggle and engage with your customers.

Impact of Guidance on Customer Contact

Where are your highest engagement points? Scale your engagement strategy to increase your reach and engagement to your online audience.


Concierge reports provide you with insight that informs you, in granular detail, which of your engagement efforts are yielding positive results so that you can refine your strategy accordingly.

Performance Dashboard

Powerful data visualization tools provide a unified, 360-degree view of user behavior as it relates to your engagement efforts, allowing you to spend less time digging through data and more time using it to improve the customer journey.

Dashboards include:

  • Conversion Value
  • Engagement & Conversion Rate
  • Engagements by Device
  • Engagements by Channel
goMoxie Customer Engagement Analytics Dashboard
Report Filtering Engagement Analytics


Actionable insights empower you to make informed decisions that deliver value to your customers — and your business.

Get insights on:

  • Guidance Conversion
  • Engagement Performance
  • Chat Performance
  • Agent Performance

Data Integration

Our analytics platform is compatible with other common reporting tools, allowing you to marry your existing data with the insights furnished through Concierge Analytics. For customers using Moxie’s SDK, activity from the native application will show alongside website activity.

Use APIs to push events into 3rd party analytics applications such as Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture for consolidated reporting across multiple sources of data or export data as a CSV.

Data Integration Customer Engagement
Real time customer engagement reporting

Real time data analysis

  • Data manipulation
  • Filtering – including device type
  • Configurable time zone

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