5 CONTEXT Features that Support Better CX

5 CONTEXT Features that Support Better CX

Customers have basic questions and encounter predictable barriers along digital journeys. Brands can answer these questions and eliminate these barriers with a smart digital strategy, which we call this Digital Guidance.

goMoxie’s CONTEXT is a digital guidance tool that anticipates basic consumer questions and provides proactive answers, so those questions don’t create struggle and bog down your contact center.

The goMoxie is team is always innovating and iterating to make CONTEXT the best digital guidance and CX tool on the market. Whether you’ve been a goMoxie customer for 10 minutes or 10 years, here are 5 features at your fingertips that support better digital journeys.

1. Online Help Center

Help is just a click away! You can find a detailed library of helpful resources inside the CONTEXT platform. From getting started to what’s new to more advanced configuration information, we have you covered. You can search and browse options, and in many cases, you can roll out updates with a click or two. To get to the online help section, log in to the CONTEXT platform, click on help in the left navigation bar and then click Guide Platform Help Center.

2. Drag and Drop Widget

Part of good CX is good design, so we’ve added functionality that allows you to move the engagement widget for greater experience flexibility regardless of your page layout. You can also allow the engagement widget to be repositioned by the visitor. To enable this feature, go to widget settings in the left navigation.

3. Bookmark and Save Reports

CONTEXT stores an abundance of user behavior data primed to catalyze journey improvements. We make it easy for you to act on that data with robust reporting. You can customize reports by adding or removing fields and including specific rules or channels to drill down into the nitty gritty. When it’s all said and done, you can save and bookmark your report for easy access.

4. Article Feedback

Complete the feedback loop and take the guess work out of article effectiveness with the article feedback feature. This feature creates a better customer experience by giving visitors the power to rate articles and add comments. Visitor feedback is compiled in a performance report, so you can better understand the articles that are working and the ones that need work.

5. Enhanced Logic

Good CX is all about good configuration. We’ve made it easier to configure your engagements with enhanced AND, OR logic. Now, you can trigger rules based on various values applied to a single criterion, reducing the need for multiple rules. Enhanced logic is supported in page elements, visitor behavior and customer values.