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Fun Friday Reading: Boss’s Day Roundup- Five Posts to Make You An Amazing Manager

What better time to thank the collaborative boss than Boss’s Day? The holiday was last Tuesday in North America, but it’s never too late to recognize the leaders that help keep the team running successfully. We’re celebrating the collaborative manager with a collection of our favorite leadership articles this week. Read, learn, and be inspired!

1. The 5 ‘whys’ of employee engagement

Loyal employees have leadership behind them that address these five questions. Try one of them today and see your team’s morale perk up!

Forbes: Your Employees are Engaged…REALLY?

2. The value of a good boss

It’s no surprise that good bosses are better than bad ones. But dig a little deeper into this study and you’ll find surprising lessons. Could you guess that it’s better to pair the best bosses with the best employees instead of bringing the laggards up to speed? If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Slate: Who’s the Boss?

3. 65% of Americans choose a better boss over a raise – here’s why

Save money AND increase employee loyalty with making sure they have the best boss possible! For those managers who are facing raise season, try making the suggested improvements to your strategy and see happier team members.

Forbes: 65% of Americans Choose a Better Boss Over a Raise — Here’s Why

4. 6 Ways to delegate more effectively

It’s not easy to let go, but the best bosses are boosted by the most empowered teams. Take them to the next level with these tips, time, and patience and you’ll see exponential returns.

Inc.: 6 Ways to Delegate More Effectively

5. Why employees’ big dreams should be your company’s top priority

Sometimes being an amazing boss isn’t enough. Ultimately your employees are there to fulfill their own dreams while working at your organization. Thinking about why you’re at the company is a great place to start – and then help others reach for the stars.

Fast Company: Why Employees Big Dreams Should Be Your Company’s Top Priority