Seamless CX in 2021

5 Tips to Provide A Seamless Customer Experience in 2021

As we move into the new year, are you ready to recover some of the $18 billion in yearly sales revenue lost due to cart abandonment? The truth is your customers don’t always reach out when they are struggling. They may not even know why they’re struggling in the first place.

It’s time to eliminate struggle by creating a seamless digital experience for your customers. goMoxie’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations, Tara Sporrer, recently shared her predictions on how to provide proactive customer service and maximize your revenue in a CustomerThink article titled, “5 Predictions: How Customer Experience Will Change in 2021”.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, digital commerce and customer experience are the keys to success in your business. With e-commerce transactions at an all-time high, you may be struggling to keep up with customer service demands. A seamless digital experience can solve that issue and create life-long customers,” she said.

Here are her five tips to create a successful digital customer service strategy in 2021:

1. Focus on the channels your customers prefer.

According to our recent survey, email and live chat continue to be customers’ most preferred digital channels. Optimize these interaction channels by being proactive when you detect customer struggle and offering live chat or email assistance based on urgency and need. The bottom line? Before you invest in technology to support your customers, make sure they will use it.

2. Anticipate struggle before it happens.

The days of self-service being only a cost-saving measure are long gone. It also creates long-lasting, loyal customers. 13% of customers prefer self-service when communicating with a business. Your online customers tell you where they are and often what they need by their behavior. Guide your consumers with useful information before they have to ask for it or even realize they have a question.

3. Help your customers help themselves.

While the information consumers need might be somewhere on your site, it can be difficult for consumers to find when they need it – especially on mobile devices. Present snippets of contextual and relevant information throughout the journey. A nudge may be all that’s needed to keep your customer engaged and make a purchase.

4. Utilize customer guidance strategies.

Digital guidance offers the proactive assistance consumers expect without the need to involve an agent. Use guidance to offer qualified customers a valid coupon code when an expired code fails, or to guide customers to reset their password to avoid lockout and unnecessary contact.

5. Analyze big data from the contact center to uncover valuable insights.

Analyzing chat, email, and other contact center data together can help you identify friction points in real-time. Customers share questions, feedback, frustrations, and praise – across millions of contact center engagements.

Save your live agents for valuable interactions – and more importantly, save your customers valuable time. For example, once you’ve earned a customer, don’t make them contact you for basic information. Guide them to the “Where Is My Order?” page or offer up the return policy before they contact the business.

With 2021 right around the corner, it’s time to implement these tips to ensure your customers’ success and maximize your revenue.