The AA Uses goMoxie’s Digital Guidance Channels including CONTEXT to Meet Modern Digital Customer Expectations

The AA Uses goMoxie’s Digital Guidance Channels including CONTEXT to Meet Modern Digital Customer Expectations

At a glance:

  • British motoring association, The AA, experienced an exponential surge in call volume at the start of the pandemic.
  • The need to relieve overburdened contact centers accelerated The AA’s plans to implement goMoxie’s contextual guidance solution, CONTEXT.
  • With CONTEXT, The AA was able to use proactive guidance to meet the 52% uplift in demand and the chat team reported a 30% reduction in chats about topics already covered in FAQs.
  • Overall, The AA has achieved a 35% chat deflection rate, which allows agents to address more complex, high-touch customer needs.

The AA, a British motoring association founded in 1905, which currently provides vehicle insurance, driving lessons, breakdown cover, loans, motoring advice, road maps and other services, has partnered with goMoxie for chat and email solutions for a decade. With the onset of COVID-19, the AA knew it was time to accelerate plans to add digital guidance to the customer experience to meet increased digital demand and serve the changing needs of its more than 14-million members.

goMoxie, sat down with the AA’s social media and web chat manager, Samantha Ladley, to discuss how the AA is using proactive customer guidance to improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Read on for the full Q&A.

What is the problem that the AA recognized they needed to solve originally with chat and then more recently with digital customer guidance via CONTEXT?

Originally with Chat:

  • In 2011, before launching goMoxie chat, the AA relied upon traditional channels of communication (phone, post, email). We wanted to add a digital option so that people could get in touch online and in real-time.

Recently with CONTEXT:

Capacity to handle more chats:

  • We had an appetite to roll chat out further across the website but wanted to offer a wider presence, without having to expand the team.

Deflect calls from the call center:

  • We recognized that chat was deflecting calls from our call centre and, as handling a chat is more cost effective than taking a call, we aimed to deflect more.

Improved customer experience:

  • We wanted customers to be able to access content and FAQs instantly, without having the time delay involved when dealing with a human.
  • Our emergency services teams are open 24/7, but chat agents and traditional customer service channels are open 8am-8pm, so we wanted to offer non-emergency customer support outside of those hours.

How did COVID-19 impact the business and related priorities around customer experience at the AA?

We had already made plans to try CONTEXT and automate a proportion of chats – starting with simple and repeat enquiries – but these plans were accelerated due to COVID.

Our call volumes increased at the start of the pandemic because government changes/restrictions on motoring led to a surge in contact from customers enquiring about their breakdown and car insurance policies. This was in parallel to our customer service operation transitioning from office based front-line teams to homeworking set-ups, meaning they were under immense pressure.

The business quickly stood up a number of initiatives and projects to help. The AA’s ethos has always been to ‘fix the Member before the car’ and this applied at the start of COVID too. We wanted to make sure customers were given the support they needed at a difficult time, so we built more content pages for our website, enabled more online self-service options, and proactively raised awareness of these things using goMoxie’s free COVID offer. Ultimately, to deflect chats, and deflect calls to allow our chat team to help with the more challenging enquiries.

Did the problem impact a specific part of the business, or did it impact the way the AA worked entirely?

The AA is most well-known for breakdown cover, but also offers car and home insurance policies, travel insurance, driving lessons and financial services products. The uplift in call centre demand affected all areas of the business, but not equally. At the start of the pandemic our:

  • Financial services teams were helping customers with the financial challenges brought to some by furlough schemes.
  • Travel insurance teams were busy helping those affected by the travel industry.
  • Colleagues in the driving school teams were helping as driving lessons were cancelled.
  • Home insurance teams were speaking to a lot of customers now working from home and wanting to understand how that affected their policies.

But, where as demand fluctuated into these teams, our breakdown cover and car insurance operations were affected the most. The government changes and restrictions on motoring caused a significant uplift in enquiries about breakdown cover and car insurance policies. This was expected to last for a while, so we chose to focus our efforts with goMoxie on helping breakdown and car insurance customers in particular.

Describe some of the use cases where goMoxie technology is deployed.

We already had goMoxie live chat on 4 areas of our website:

  1. UK breakdown cover
  2. European breakdown cover
  3. Car insurance
  4. Home insurance

We chose to deploy goMoxie’s free COVID ‘proactive top 3’ (phase 1) automation to the areas we already had breakdown cover and car insurance chat. This meant we could proactively offer customers information on the 3 most commonly asked questions about breakdown cover or car insurance, before they opened a chat to ask themselves. goMoxie advised us to do this as our first priority as it could be implemented quickly and involved only writing answers to the top 3 questions for each of the products.

After this had been successfully deployed, goMoxie offered us a proof of concept (phase 2) so we could test more of the automated features in CONTEXT. The proof of concept allowed us to see whether a searchable knowledge base, with more content than the top 3, could deflect more chats and calls.

Is this a problem that is unique to the AA or is it an industry wide problem?

The problem we were trying to solve, of increased customer contacts from the start of the pandemic, was industry wide.

Was there a moment when you were able to identify the solution that you needed?

We had been talking to goMoxie about CONTEXT in the months leading up to the pandemic, so we already had a solution in mind and it was on our roadmap, but COVID was the catalyst for initiating the project.

Why was goMoxie selected to provide that solution?

Because of our existing relationship with them. goMoxie has provided chat for the AA since 2011 so we leveraged that relationship. We knew we wouldn’t have to integrate chat with a third-party application, and that we would be able to stand the solution up quickly. goMoxie had offered their existing clients the ‘free COVID offer’ so we accepted and achieved successful results, this led us to ask for a wider proof of concept testing more automation, and the results of the proof of concept, led us to a commercial agreement, to license the software.

How did goMoxie go to work solving the problem?

The goMoxie team worked very closely with us. They set up a team which included the right people with knowledge and varied expertise. We were assigned help from a product perspective, day-to-day contacts for technical support, and those who could progress the commercial arrangements, etc. The team was nimble and had an agile way of working. They set expectations throughout and advised us on best practice as we progressed.

When did you start seeing the results of the solution?

We saw the results quickly. As we had 9 years of experience of speaking with customers on goMoxie chat, we already knew the most common enquiries, so we leveraged that knowledge, created an internal knowledge base, and populated the goMoxie technology with it.

What were the results of the work conducted by goMoxie?

Free COVID offer results (phase 1) =

  • At the start of the pandemic, volumes increased, and we helped 20% more customers than usual on chat, but it wasn’t enough to meet the increased demand brought by COVID. See chart below, business as usual (BAU) volumes were 321 chats per day vs. 374 between the busy COVID period.
  • After putting the free CONTEXT COVID offer live, we were able to meet the 52% uplifted demand. See chart, handled 221 chats per day, plus 269 automations, totaling 490 interactions.
  • 9% of users presented with the proactive top 3, clicked through to read the content.
  • In the first 2 months, we saw 10k users interact with the automated content overnight and at times when the customer service call centers were closed.
  • We saw the enquiry mix reaching the live chat agents had changed. The chat team were asked about the topics covered in the FAQs 30% less than usual.
  • We maintained our customer satisfaction scores.
Combining chat with automation

Chat deflection results (phase 2) =

  • From 9th June, after putting the CONTEXT chat deflection live, we achieved an overall 35% chat deflection.
  • We continued to see users interact with the automated content overnight and at times when the customer service call centers were closed.
  • We found 10 articles we loaded into the knowledge base were responsible for a fifth of the deflections.
  • We maintained our customer satisfaction scores.

How did this impact or change the way the AA operated?

The profile of chat and automation increased across the business as it was recognised that it allowed us to help more customers during the challenging time brought by COVID. The internal conversations and awareness led to an increased appetite to test chat and automation in more areas of the AA, so the business decided to invest more in goMoxie for this financial year, and we are now testing chat and automation in more areas.

Was the solution something that gave the AA a competitive advantage over competitors?

The most advantageous thing about working with this solution to our customers is having the ability to move quickly to meet the increased customer demand.

What was it like working with goMoxie?

The team at goMoxie are knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. They understand the benefits chat and automation can bring to customers so met our requirements and worked quickly to help us achieve our goals. During the early stages and throughout, the team were attentive and willing to help as much as possible. Since the commercial agreement has been put in place, the team have moved us to an optimization program to ensure we continue to get the most from the solution.