American Banker Speaks to People's United About Anticipating Customer Needs

American Banker Speaks to People’s United About Anticipating Customer Needs

goMoxie had the privilege to speak with American Banker about how our customers are using goMoxie solutions to better predict customer needs. Here’s a quick preview:

“How U.S. Bank, People’s United use tech to predict customer needs” By Miriam Cross November 03, 2020

Since COVID-19, banking customers are turning to digital channels more frequently. In the last 6 months, customers have reported using their financial institutions’ websites 33% more than before the pandemic.

Reactive chatbots lingering in the corners of websites and buried FAQs are not cutting it for this surging digital audience. Customers have basic questions and encounter predictable barriers along their digital journey. Banks can answer these questions and eliminate these barriers with a smart digital strategy.

“Inside the branch, People’s United bankers ‘know our customers, try to anticipate their needs, and are very proactive in their service,’ said James Roy, senior vice president of digital marketing at the $61.3 billion-asset institution. ‘We’re looking to replicate that in our digital channels.’”

People’s United has been using goMoxie’s email and chat for years. As the pandemic peaked and many customers started banking online for the first time, the company explored goMoxie’s digital guidance technology to address the increase in contact center volume.

People’s United used goMoxie’s CONTEXT to address immediate COVID-19 related issues. Today it has expanded its use to providing real time guidance to bankers using digital for the first time.

Banking customers are presented with a proactive notification throughout the website. For example, when customers click on the ATM & Branch Support header on the home page, they will see a proactive notification prompting them to learn more about banking from home rather than visiting a branch. Notifications are also presented during the online account opening process to assist customers in completing the applications. See examples in the screenshots below.

“Over the last few months, Roy has detected a noticeable drop in customer inquiries relating to several COVID-19 support and digital product usage cases. From April to August, he found a 58% reduction in daily chats and 37% reduction in daily emails compared with the January-to-March period this year.”

Be sure to check out the full story on American Banker:  “How U.S. Bank, People’s United use tech to predict customer needs”

Guide Customers via Online Banking
Guide Customers via Online Banking