Boscov’s Shares goMoxie Solution at Argyle Forum

Imagine your century-old brick and mortar company transitioning to ecommerce while realizing 62% more revenue without human assistance. That’s the journey Maria Tenreiro, Boscov’s Care Center Director, recently shared at Argyle’s Customer Experience Leadership Forum in New York City. Tenreiro outlined how goMoxie Suite guided digital engagement has produced significant results for the company in its ecommerce transition. Her talk followed the steps Boscov’s took to implement digital guidance throughout the four main stages of their buying cycle.

In preparing to adopt goMoxie’s proactive digital guidance solution, Boscov’s first had to define its engagement by examining pain points in the digital shopping journey. That allowed the company to look for specific opportunities to resolve barriers by presenting useful information in small bits. Ms. Tenreiro offered invalid coupon codes as an example. Boscov’s resolved these with short pop-up messages that clarified certain coupon codes were no longer valid or distinguished other offers from coupons, which customers often confused with coupons. These steps provided immediate value to customer and Boscov’s alike. Boscov’s now generates 62 percent more revenue with these proactive guidance measures as opposed to live chat.

Digital guidance drives meaningful engagement throughout every stage of the buying cycle. Emulating greetings customers receive in a brick and mortar store, ecommerce customers are likewise welcomed during the awareness stage. During the consideration stage, customers receive product guidance in small snippets. At the conversion stage, product guidance, upsell opportunities, and error resolution continue to proactively offer customers assistance. And during the service stage, information regarding delivery details clarifies expectations about the what, when, and how of deliveries.

Proactive guidance throughout the customer journey has led to:

  • 62 percent more revenue from proactive guidance v. live chat.
  • Improved chat quality, allowing higher value cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Reduced chat volumes by 32 percent.
  • An increase in unassisted engagements. 89 percent of digital engagements are proactive.
  • A reduced bounce rate of 2.4 percent.
  • Increased overall revenue.

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