BetVictor Wins Big with Moxie

BetVictor Wagers on Moxie Across the Board

The Grand National horse race is a big event for sports betting companies such as BetVictor.

Up to 10 million people in the UK view the steeplechase on terrestrial television, and an estimated 600 million tune in worldwide.

With 40 contestants, plenty of chances for upsets in the challenging course, and a broad audience reach, the race is one of the UK’s most popular betting opportunities.

BetVictor, a leader in online bookmaking, handles a 30 times higher bet volume on race weekend than on a normal Saturday.

The bookmaker, which primarily serves the UK and China, has been using Moxie technology to engage customers since 2010. BetVictor started out with Moxie Live Chat and Email service and later deployed Moxie Web Self-Service.

BetVictor also recently added native mobile engagement for its iOS and Android apps.

How Moxie helped BetVictor clear race day hurdles

For many users looking to wager with BetVictor on 2017 Grand National Day, this was the only time they bet on a horse race — or any event — all year.

To handle this inexperienced wave of users, BetVictor needed to be able to quickly ramp up agent volume and deflect common questions when possible.

Using Moxie Concierge, BetVictor easily deployed a “license burst,” giving a much larger range of BetVictor employees credentials to act as live chat agents. Even BetVictor’s COO jumped on chat to help during Grand National Day.

With the Moxie agent portal, it was easy for non-technical users with no or limited experience as agents to navigate the portal and handle customer inquiries as they came in, according to Kay Fenemore, Head of Customer Service at BetVictor.

BetVictor also identified common customer struggles and customized the chat messages displayed to users in queue for chat.

For example, a common misunderstanding for new users was the fact that in order to be able to pick the top 6 places in the race, they had to select an “each-way” bet, not a “to win” bet.

With this contextual information displayed when such an error was made, BetVictor users could proceed in the betting process without the need for an agent’s assistance. The contextual engagement could be added, configured, and removed more easily than if it was a part of the BetVictor site architecture.

Cloud hosting improves BetVictor’s agility

BetVictor had hosted their customer engagement platform in-house for 3 years but found that the costs of maintaining the database and hardware were not an effective use of the company’s resources. They decided to move the platform to the cloud.

BetVictor’s recent move to Moxie Cloud Services hosting made Grand National 2017 a smoother experience for the company. With Moxie hosting, BetVictor could handle agent licenses more flexibly than when credentials were managed in-house.

Moxie hosting also freed up BetVictor’s IT resources to focus on the company’s core competency, industry-leading bookmaking software. Now, BetVictor can dedicate more resources to its product while having access to the latest digital engagement technology as the company’s customer engagement strategy evolves: a win-win!

Meeting the challenge of Grand National Day is just one way Moxie’s technology and services have helped BetVictor improve its customer journey.

To read more about how BetVictor leverages digital engagement with Moxie Concierge, read the BetVictor case study.