Moxie Omni-channel Solution

Building a Better Omni-Channel Experience

Retail businesses that don’t offer a seamless omni-channel experience to today’s consumer are missing out on everything: revenue, conversions, customer loyalty…just to name a few.

Why? According to research, 90 percent of all shopping cart abandonments happen because customers feel they don’t have enough information. An effective omni-channel presence enables retailers to give their customers all the information they need to make a decision to purchase.

That means a retailer not only has to convey their brand’s value proposition to the customer, but it has to be seamless and consistent across all devices and platforms. In addition, customers require customized offers based on their personal preferences and the ability to move from one device to another without delay or disruption.

Retailers can provide that best in class digital communication channels where all channels are integrated, as opposed to siloed applications that don’t work together. It’s certainly expected, as research shows 84 percent of customers believe that retailers should better integrate their online and offline channels.

Learn more information on how a robust omni-channel experience increases customer retention and boosts conversions by visiting the goMoxie Suite.