CRM Watchlist 2013 Winner: goMoxie!

goMoxie Software is honored to be recognized as one of the winners of the 2013 CRM Watchlist. goMoxie, along with this year’s two other recipients, was named a winner by Paul Greenberg, the industry expert on everything CRM. Greenberg reviewed goMoxie Software in an article published on ZDNet this week. We have to admit that Paul’s review is a fine feather in goMoxie’s cap for its fair and honest assessment from one of the leading experts in CRM.

Here are a couple of excerpts from his article:

On goMoxie’s understanding of the CRM landscape:

“Now their [goMoxie] positioning and messaging is clear; they are a strong part of the customer service world who have a world class knowledge management platform.  They’ve been smart enough to have a sophisticated view of the world of communities and rather than just seeing them as congregation points for some reason (e.g. service responses, etc.), they also see the value as knowledge curation channels and have added the ability to create or capture knowledge and then distribute and consume knowledge through those communities.  They also understand clearly that their take on customer service is not the same as the purely traditional contact center focused approaches taken by many of the major customer service software vendors.”

On goMoxie’s ability to make key partnerships:

“Their significant differences with the more traditional customer service platforms also has allowed them to develop a handful of strategic partnerships with technology companies who do have customer service offerings such as, which has of course the Service Cloud and more recently, a go to market partnership with Microsoft and its Dynamics CRM group.” 

And on goMoxie’s future:

“[goMoxie] in 2013 is going to be an impact player as they were in 2012.  They are a sterling company with great people and a great position that is well defined in market that they can be leaders in.”

You can read the entire review from Paul Greenberg on ZDnet.