ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners

CRMWatchlist 2014 – Customer Engagement: goMoxie Is a Winner

ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners

We are delighted and honored again this year for being selected a winner in the 2014 CRMWatchlist. goMoxie, along with four other companies, was named a winner in Customer Engagement. Industry influencer and ZDnet writer Paul Greenberg published his analysis of goMoxie yesterday and highlighted that “[goMoxie] has been a perennial on the CRM Watchlist winners list because, well, they are very good at what they do.” Paul’s industry knowledge is always reflected in his fair and insightful assessments of the vendors included in the CRMWatchlist.

Here are a couple of excerpts from his ZDnet piece:

About the Customer Engagement market:

“Customer engagement as a market (and you will be reading a lot by me on this subject in 2014) actually has the potential, I’m excited and scared to say, to subsume CRM as a market…let me define what customer engagement is in the simplest and easiest to digest terms (from my five-part series on Diginomica): Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between customer and the company, offered by the company, chosen by the customer. It is (or should be) the key element of all customer strategies at companies as they continue their march through the 21stcentury… .”

About goMoxie:

“They are in the business of companies having the ability to provide the right answers to customers seeking them from the channels they are engaged in – and to make sure that these answers comply with corporate procedure and government regulation. So pharmaceutical companies should at least in theory, love them. Any large, complex B2C environment who are keen on self service should faint with the sheer delight [goMoxie’s] solutions should bring them.”

You can read the entire analysis on ZDnet.