Customer Experience Matters

Differentiate your Business by Delivering a Customer Experience that Matters

We live in an increasingly commoditized world and the only way to truly differentiate a company from the competition is by delivering an outstanding customer experience. But how can you do this?

As a consumer, our expectations are pretty simple:

  • Tell me what I need to know so that I can make the best decision
  • Be there when I need help, wherever I am

As an employee, our expectations are pretty basic, too:

    • How can I find the answers to my customer’s questions as quickly as possible?
    • If I can’t find the right information, how can I find the right expert?

The Challenge

It seems very simple. Yet, companies struggle on delivering the right answers to customers. Data within the enterprise is distributed across a variety of sources – CRM and ERP systems, order tracking applications, multiple knowledge bases etc. At any given moment, customer representatives can have 10 to 15 windows open on their desktop with worn out ‘Alt’+’Tab’ keys.

The key to delivering a great experience to both customers and employees is to hide this complexity with a simple, yet powerful user experience. To do this, a company needs to integrate these distributed sources of information so that the right information is available at the customer representative’s fingertips. The word integration conjures images of long and expensive deployment cycles. This reality is changing.

Spaces Connect

Spaces Connect, by goMoxie Software, is an integration framework we recently introduced that offers fast and flexible integrations into existing applications. ‘Fast’ as in integrations that take days or weeks to deliver, rather than months or years and is tailored to specific business needs. ‘Flexible’ as in easy to change as business requirements evolve.

Spaces Connect for

Spaces Connect for is the first such integration goMoxie is announcing. A business can now leverage the power of goMoxie’s web self-service within the Customer Portal so that customers can easily look for the right answers. When integrated with goMoxie’s Email and Chat Spaces, the integration gives users the ability to easily look up a customer profile and interaction history to deliver meaningful and personalized experiences. With goMoxie’s Knowledge Spaces users, while working on cases within Salesforce, can easily search and find the right answer to the case or ticket, all integrated within the Salesforce UI for a seamless experience.

Stay tuned as we bring you more powerful and enjoyable experiences for your business and customers.