Video: DigIn 2018 – Darrin Wylie, Marketing Leader at USAA Presents with Moxie

Moxie recently attended Dig In, the tech conference dedicated to exploring digital innovations in the insurance industry. At the conference, USAA showcased Moxie solutions. Darrin Wylie, USAA’s Marketing Leader, discussed how Moxie harnesses the power of context to drive customer engagement in supporting USAA’s goal of delivering the best customer experience.

USAA boasts 12 million plus members. The company sought ways to have its digital customer journey more closely replicate the member service representative experience. To do so required removing friction from the digital experience and intelligently and proactively assisting USAA customers throughout their digital insurance journey.

By utilizing proactive information snippets and questions at recognized friction points, Moxie enabled USAA to better serve its insurance customers. Moxie provides digital customers an experience that mimics the member service rep (MSR) experience.

Dig In promised to “bring you fast-paced live demos from a curated list of the industry’s most progressive technology companies.” Moxie was, of course, on that list. See how Moxie can be there for your customers with guided digital commerce.