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Digital Engagement – How do you get started (Part III)

Okay, so you’ve got your mindset right, and you understand customers need different engagements personalized for where they are in the journey.

Next, How do you actually decide where on the site you should be engaging your customers?

The best thing to do is to partner with the Web analytics (Google, Adobe, etc), the customer experience management (Tealeaf, etc) folks, and the voice of the customer teams (OpinionLab, Foresee, etc.) to understand target areas of focus.

Are they all focused on the areas of the site that need the most assistance?

What you want to achieve here is an understanding of where customers are abandoning, struggling, and giving feedback, and when to promote specific products. A powerful digital engagement strategy presents the business with a solution that can provide live, guided assistance similar to the “in the store” experience based on analytics insights.

By working within the four quadrants of the customer journey discussed in my previous post, you can now come up with engagements for:

  • A campaign landing page that has a higher than average bounce rate and could use a little personal touch to keep customers clicking through.
  • A higher margin or otherwise promoted product category where customers could use some focused assistance making a decision, either for issues of complexity or just because you offer a bunch of choices.
  • The most confusing points causing the most struggle so that we make sure folks don’t abandon
  • For customers who try to self-serve but may indicate that the article or content they’ve been looking at has not been helpful.

Once you understand what your customers are trying to accomplish, focusing on the above four techniques can make getting started a fairly straight-forward task. Just targeting key flows and stops on the journey with a few engagements makes your ability to “be there” for your customers easy to accomplish, and may make the difference between your customers hesitating and abandoning, to feeling confident and accelerating the completion of a transaction.

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