Engage Awards Customer Insights

goMoxie Named Gold Winner for Engage Awards, Best Use of Customer Insights

goMoxie has been named the gold winner for the 2020 Engage Awards in the category of Best Use of Customer Insights. The accolade recognizes goMoxie’s seamless AI Insights technology that informs our Digital Guidance solution, which proactively guides customers without requiring contact, benefiting both the customer and the business. Judges evaluated entries based on vision, innovation and creativity, business impact, testimonials, and business challenges that were overcome.

Identifying where customers struggle often starts with the obvious pain points that can be determined by agent feedback and analytics data. goMoxie created AI Insights to go deeper into the specific conversations that businesses have with their customers to reveal previously unknown points of struggle and close the loop by recommending new guidance points.

“Our technology helps our clients understand where their customers are struggling online and then enables them to take the critical next step to eliminate those barriers,” explained Nikhil Govindaraj, goMoxie’s SVP of Products. “Eliminating barriers for your customers is especially important in the current environment where the pandemic has created an influx of digital customers who can easily take their business elsewhere.”

To start, goMoxie’s AI Insights analyzes conversational data (like chat and email data) to reveal specifically where in the journey and with what customers are struggling. While important, discovering the struggle points is only the first step, using that information to inform new points of guidance and eliminate the struggle is the real value. AI Insights allows companies to better understand how and where their customers are struggling and enables them to proactively guide customers through the digital journey.

goMoxie’s technology empowers companies to listen more, talk less resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyal, and decrease business costs and resources.