Moxie Knowledge Base Tips

Ensure Your Knowledge Base Helps Customers

Providing customers with a knowledge base should be a given, but another essential aspect is ensuring it effectively assists with their needs. Companies that haven’t reviewed the content of their knowledge base recently (or at all) could potentially lose customers simply due to inadequate or missing information.

Is there a method to assessing the effectiveness of a knowledge base? Start by analyzing customer behavior; it’s an effective practice to tell whether the knowledge base is doing its job.

For instance, articles with low ratings suggest that the content within isn’t useful to solving customer issues. A common source of frustration for any customer is not finding the answer or information they sought. Identifying articles with low ratings suggests that a refresh of the content or increasing value with additional content is in order.

Another signal is increased live support requests. This suggests that more customers are not finding their answers online and must resort to calling a service representative. By bolstering the value of a knowledge base, companies can actually decrease the amount of time their CSRs spend on the phone if they can point customers to articles that contain the needed solution. 91% of customers say they would use an online knowledge base if it were available (Amdocs).

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