Raising the Bar: Ensuring a Successful Customer Experience

Tomorrow, October 7th, customer experience (CX) professionals worldwide are gearing up to take part in the second CX Day with local gatherings and online events. The CX Day, as defined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, “Celebrates the rising importance of customer experience to companies, by highlighting the efforts of all customer experience professionals to raise the bar for achievement and innovation in the CX field.”

In a recent Forbes interview with writer Christine Crandell, our CEO Rebecca Ward was asked what is the difference between “customer experience” and “customer success.” She responded by saying that “Customer success is when a customer is able to accomplish what they set out to do, easily. Customer experience describes their journey – what happened to them along the way in completing a task. Was it easy or did they struggle?” She goes on to say that unfortunately, customers often struggle to accomplish even the most basic tasks when interacting with brands.

In the Forbes piece, the writer raises a great point by talking about the discussions that are occurring in the marketplace around customer experience – “One that is focused on how to interact, inspire and influence buyers to trust and prefer your brand—and the other conversation focused on what to do with customers post purchase.” While enterprises should treat them as one integrated conversation, organizational silos and product-centric missions among other issues are fragmenting the customer experience. As a result, consumers suffer with a lack consistency and continuity when interacting with their favorite brands.

To illustrate some of the customer experience issues consumers are dealing with, especially when interacting with brands online, check out the infographic below. Enterprises have a great opportunity to significantly improve the customer experience, ensuring customer success in the digital age.

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Successful Customer Engagement