Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Fun Friday Reading: Enterprise Roundup – BYOD and the Employee Experience

BYOD (or “Bring Your Own Device”) is exploding, allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for work instead of company-issued technology.

Employees want in the workplace the same level of connectivity they experience in their personal lives. The promise of a better, more collaborative employee combined with reduced device expenses is enticing enterprises everywhere to embrace BYOD.

But BYOD creates some challenges, specifically around employee privacy, demands on IT flexibility and security. Many articles have been written about BYOD and we compiled a roundup of the week’s expert input about BYOD.

At Moxie, we believe enterprises should engage with their customers through their preferred communication channel— phone, email, chat, social media, etc. And employees are also customers! As the world becomes more connected for customers and employees, enterprises need to take the right steps to successfully support BOYD.

Are you using BYOD in your organization? What is working for you?

Best BYOD Workers

1. Which Workers Are the Best for BYOD?

by Tom Kaneshige, CIO
Hourly, salary, executives, and individual contributors – each employee has a different need for their mobile device.

BYOD Policy

2. BYOD Policy: Employee Right to Social Media Privacy Is Paramount

by Tom Kaneshige, CIO
Hire legal counsel before going BYOD – inadvertently walking into employees’ personal social media can be a challenging situation.

Bad User Experience

3. Bad User Experience Can Sink BYOD Security Like the Titanic

by Ryan Faas, CITEworld
Ensure employees know which environment they’re working in on their device: personal or business.

What Does BYOD Mean

4. What Does BYOD Mean to Your Datacenter Strategy?

by John Rhoton, ZDnet
Using a central policy system or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can manage data and lock down security across diverse technology from one location.

10 Fast Tips

5. 10 Fast Tips to Make BYOD Work Better

by Angus Kidman, LifeHacker IT Pro
Bite-sized inspiration to get your BYOD flowing.