Live Chat to Digital Guided Commerce

Expand Your Customer Reach with Guidance

In the not-too-distant past, a number of courageous companies took a risk and adapted their live chat strategy for use within a sales context, effecting impressive conversion and order value rates. Not only did the conversion rates of customers who engaged in chat increase, but the revenue per engaged customer also grew 5-10-fold. It’s no wonder other companies began following suit and started using chat in hopes of promoting engagement. Although some businesses reached success with chat, others hit economic hiccups along the way.

Guiding Customers (without Human Assistance) Reduces Costs and Drives Growth

In his article “Moving From Chat to Guided Digital Commerce” published in Customer Experience Magazine, Brian Strauss, goMoxie’s Vice President of Worldwide Field Engineering, identified chat’s three main pain points:

  • Having a live interaction with a customer during a sale can erode profits for many companies and also increase the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Reach is capped based on agent capacity and increasing that capacity can be too costly.
  • Customers want to be self-sufficient as much as possible – guidance enables them to get what they need quickly and efficiently.

The key is striking a balance with your customers. Engage those who require assistance with live experts when needed, and provide digital guided self-service to a broader segment of customers and site visitors.

Make Way for Proactive Automation

Strauss highlights how effectively utilizing Guided Digital Commerce allows you to answer a customer’s concern through proactive automation, while deploying a profitable engagement solution to reach all your buyers. With automation handling the majority of contacts, your chat and email channels can focus on the more unique customer use cases, escalating profit, reducing costs, increasing satisfaction, and reaching more customers than ever before.