Drive your CRM plan

Five Questions that Should Drive Your CRM Plan (and More)!

Forrester has recently released the findings of its study – “Navigate the Future of CRM,” which discusses key steps for a successful CRM implementation.

The data is comprehensive, but there are a couple of complementary points that I would like to emphasize for those who contribute and drive CRM strategies in their organizations:

  • As you build out your CRM plan, consider the customer experience (this sounds very basic, right? You will be surprised how many organizations completely miss this point). Look beyond the tactical execution, and consider the quality of interaction from a customer and an employee’s perspective. These interactions include from self-service to live assisted service, supporting preferred channel(s) for your customers. Consider getting the quality interaction tools to across multiple communication channels.
  • Keep in mind that a key ingredient to delivering a high-quality customer experience is the ability to provide good information. Often, the information is found in a myriad of systems. By enabling simple, lightweight integrations that automate workflow for employees, companies will allow customer service representatives to provide quality interactions with their customers by accessing current information about them.
  • Also, take into account that employees require the right tools to provide great customer support. CRM tools are often not something an employee uses in their everyday work process. To get the true voice of the customer, ensure that the all employees have tools to provide customer-focused details. By giving the frontline customer service simple access to the experts inside an organization, it drives them additional resources to answer the customers’ requests accurately and timely.

Download Forrester’s complete report here.

Drive Your CRM Plan Infographic