Five Tips to Help New Remote Agents Succeed

Five Tips to Help New Remote Agents Succeed

Prior to COVID-19, remote work was hard for many businesses to wrap their minds around. Many call and contact centers were hubs of activity with hundreds on-site.

Today, however, social distancing has forced most agents to work outside the conventional four walls of their contact center. In other cases on-floor staff have become live chat agents that work from home. For many, this transition to remote work isn’t as easy as it might seem. With minimal time for remote life training, employees find themselves struggling to use the right tools, set new routines, communicate effectively and maximize their productivity.

Although video conferencing is quickly becoming the norm, there are still quite a few issues arising for remote agents with ever-changing workplaces. goMoxie is here to help, with five tips to make working from home easier for agents that are new to the experience.

1. Dress for Success

Working from home often portrays the image of remote workers in their pajamas or working from bed. While the temptation for this newfound flexibility certainly exists, it’s far easier to keep your regular routines. Maintaining a schedule that involves getting dressed may seem obvious, but preparing for the day ahead, including your business attire, can completely shift your potential for productivity.

2. Test your Technology, then test it again

There’s nothing worse than sitting down, ready for a meeting only to find out you’re missing a plug-in, your microphone isn’t set up correctly, or your Internet connection is unstable. Make sure everything is functioning properly. If you’re a supervisor, the technology that runs your contact center should have a diagnostic report or a way to check your agent’s status. For goMoxie’s solution, the Server Pulse icon on the taskbar should remain green, even if other family or household members are using the same connection.

3. Communicate with Family Members

Many of us remember the viral video of the BBC correspondent whose toddlers made their adorable debut during his otherwise serious interview. While most of the world empathized and enjoyed a laugh with him, it’s easier to avoid disruptions if you can let family members know up-front you’re conducting business. Whether you hang a sign on your door, wear headphones to imply you’re busy, or set dedicated quiet hours, letting everyone know you’re unavailable helps keep productivity high and interruptions at bay.

4. Take Advantage of the Tech You Have

While in a crowded contact center, you might not want every agent to enable sound notifications but in a remote environment, this can alert agents to new interactions that might go unseen. goMoxie’s agent panel is another necessary support tool. Easily find when other team members are online, keep up with mailboxes and service lines, and never miss an interaction. You won’t have to search for frequently-used sayings or automatic acknowledgements and can keep categories up-to-date for quick replies.

5. Set your Status and Openly Communicate

Don’t keep team members guessing about your availability. Set your offline status when you step away from your desk to communicate that you’re “out of the office.” Conversely, if you leave your availability window open, you’ll be ready to return to work quickly after taking a break. It’s easy to get lost in emails, so if you’re allowed, communicate with other agents and ask questions. Keep your team members engaged and informed quickly and easily with happenings throughout the day to reduce any friction from remote life.

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