Give Customers the Tools They Need to Decide, Right On Your Site

When it comes to travel, Americans want to get on-demand help when they need it to improve decision making and streamline travel plans—without ever leaving your website. goMoxie offers three tools that can help you give your customers what they want and need to make a decision right on your site. Learn how we can help you draw more business, while also increasing business.

A Knowledge Bases Boost Confidence

It’s rare for a first-time website visitor to make a big purchase, like book a trip. In fact, 81 percent of shoppers plan and research before they spend. A knowledge base makes it easy for web users in all phases of trip planning to find the information they need. When you serve a global population and 24/7 phone help is not possible, this offers an alternative to serve your customers better and ultimately generate loyalty that leads to repeat conversions.

How Live Chat Delivers On-Demand Help

Our December 2014 travel survey revealed a strong preference for on-demand web assistance. 70 percent of survey respondents felt it would be more personal and more effective to be able to receive live chat assistance while finalizing arrangements. Additionally, 73 percent voiced a desire for proactive engagement, such as a live chat popup, when they were struggling with finding what they needed.

Among consumers, online chat adoption rose steadily from 38 percent in 2009 to 58 percent in 2014. Today’s consumers want immediate assistance with problems. They don’t want to send an email and wait for a response, or reach for the telephone to call customer service—only to be told they need to wait to speak with a representative. Online chat helps your customer service representatives serve customers.

When paired with a knowledge base for after-hours queries or casual research, this allows your customers to easily get answers and reinforces their perception of your business as a helpful entity. Live chat agents can leverage the knowledge base to increase their query processing speed and help customers faster. By pointing users to helpful resources in the knowledge base, live chat agents can assist consumers who are still in the decision-making process as well as troubleshoot with clients who have a pressing need.

When you are better able to engage customers along their journey, you will ultimately generate more conversions and more revenue for your business. Do you have any questions about incorporating these technologies? If so we’d be happy to answer them.