Guiding Customers in their Online Journey

Mastering the digital experience is essential to fostering lifelong customer relationships. In today’s guided economy, companies are more equipped than ever to reach, engage, and convert digital customers in need of guidance by presenting a contextual solution before a need even has the chance to arise. By offering an intuitive contextual solution, goMoxie Suite with CONTEXT guides your customers through every step of their buyers’ journey. With the ability to determine customer needs, CONTEXT drives 62% more revenue than live chat.

Here are just a few ways we are helping businesses create a guided customer experience by reducing traditional pain points in the online journey.

1. Reduce the Bounce Rates in the Awareness Phase

goMoxie Suite allows your business to engage online customers the moment a visitor lands on your site. You need to leverage everything you know about your visitors to keep them engaged and keep your bounce rates low.

goMoxie Suite with CONTEXT enables your company to welcome site visitors, answer questions, and guide them in the right direction, just as you would if they came to your brick and mortar office. CONTEXT reduces bounce rates by 2.4% as it helps customers easily view options they may be interested in and have their questions quickly answered, thus eliminating frustrations.

By increasing your customer engagement, your bounce rate should decrease and keep customers in the online journey.

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2. Remove Confusion and Eliminate Hesitation

Customer hesitation occurs most frequently during the consideration stage of a purchase. When a visitor is considering a particular product or service on your site, you can expect a few different behaviors:

1) the customer quickly decides that item isn’t ‘it’ and moves on;

2) the customer deems it a must-have and chooses to move forward with your product or service; or

3) the customer is on the fence and shows signs of hesitation.

Making a financial decision, especially about a new product or service, is overwhelming. Being faced with too many options and having too few answers to their questions can frustrate customers enough to abandon your site. By deploying a contextual guidance tool like goMoxie’s CONTEXT, which allows you to provide relevant snippets of information (such as a payment calculator, APR or interest rate calculator, buying guide or other customized solution), you can gently guide the customer toward conversion.

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3. Guide the Customer to Critical Conversions

Converting and moving forward with a decision is the most critical stage in the customer journey. Once your customers have arrived at this stage, you’ve overcome two of the biggest obstacles: attracting visitors to your site and engaging them with an item of enough personal value to select your product or service. The worst-case scenario at this point in the journey is that a potential customer leaves due to frustration or confusion.

With CONTEXT, you have the ability to present a customized solution that fits each and every customer. If a customer misses a field while filling out a form and sees an error message, based on the customer’s information, CONTEXT can provide options as to how to answer the missing field. These tailored snippets decrease abandonment rates. If a customer has a question that requires an immediate answer prior to moving forward, CONTEXT can provide an automated explanation. Automation provides an immediate solution for your customer, allowing you to scale customer engagement by automating the frequently asked questions. Results show that CONTEXT increases the conversion rate in retail by fivefold, and increases financial services and insurance by 28%.

Eliminating common struggle points at this stage of the journey increases online conversions. For example, Chill Insurance realized a high percentage of users were contacting agents with matters that could have been resolved without human assistance. After Chill deployed goMoxie’s CONTEXT to identify and address common pain points occurring during the online quote process, the company realized a 30% increase in form conversion rates.

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4. Enable Self-Sufficient Customers

Research shows that customers prefer to self-serve online when given the sufficient means to do so. Your clients do not want to wait or jump through hoops to get the support they need. Whether it’s tracking an order or searching for answers to their questions, self-service options help companies assist the customer at the exact moment they are looking to contact an agent.

Providing relevant information through a self-service portal is crucial to a successful engagement with your business. In fact, Vitacost found that instant self-service prompted a 37% increase in usage, as well as a 24% decrease in overall contacts to their support team. Self-service options give customers control and immediate support, alleviating user frustration and promoting customer delight.

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Guiding Your Customers Through the Guided Economy

goMoxie’s technology solutions can help guide your customers through their online journey. Our goal is to provide companies with the tools they need to win lifetime customers and promote brand loyalty. Let’s talk about guiding your customers.

Digital Engagement Planner

Digital Engagement Planner: Map Your Digital Engagements

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