Harness Digital Guidance to Meet Modern Customers’ Expectations

Harness Digital Guidance to Meet Modern Customers’ Expectations

Retailers, Guide Customers to Accelerate Online Growth

The changing economy has brick-and-mortar retailers closing stores, while scrambling to catch up with digital customers’ expectations. Those customers demand intuitive online experiences that save them time and aggravation. Mark Finch, VP Sales EMEA at goMoxie, offers retailers caught in the throes of this transformation a simple formula for delivering stand-out digital experiences. And Prolific London’s article “Retailers Must Digitalise Methods to Stay in Business,” likes his advice: “eliminate friction, simplify the digital experience, and extend the expertise of in-store retail assistants to the digital world.”

Eliminate Friction

Friction causes time-consuming aggravation, which nobody wants. Offering customers relevant information goes a long way to eliminating friction, and the digital giants know it. Brands like Uber and AIrbnb offer their customers streamlined and easy experiences. They’ve followed the simple truth that digital customers should have to struggle to do businesses online. Yet too often businesses drive their digital customers to their websites with large advertising budgets but fail to engage those same customers once they’ve arrived at the site. An online conversion rate that has hovered around 3% for the past two decades illustrates the point.

Friction is eliminated when business guide customers and provide the and information they need to complete the sale. By anticipating customer pain points and providing relevant information, customers can complete the purchase path. And once there, they are happier and more likely to become loyal customers.

Simplify the Digital Experience

For too long businesses have designed processes that wait for customers fail and reach out for help. Although that strategy would never be employed in physical stores, digital customers are left to naviate sites on their own. When digital retailers, anticipate friction andprovide relevant guidance, they simplify the customer experience. With an easier journey, customers become confident and better able to make informed buying decisions.

Extend In-store Retail Associates’ Expertise to the Digital World

Customers arrive at online sites—retail, insurance, banks, and travel sites–with clues that can inform businesses as to how and when to engage. Like an in-store associate’s ability to read a customer’s demeanor to gauge the right amount of assistance to offer, digital businesses can guide customers with the information they need to complete the purchase path.