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Making You, and Your CX, Look Good

The goMoxie team has returned home from sponsoring four events in the last three weeks. (Shout out if we saw you in Austin, Chicago or New York!) Instead of feeling like weary travelers returning from the road, we left feeling inspired. Inspired so many people are actively seeking to make stronger connections with their customers and improve the digital experience but also inspired by the connections we made and the experiences we had.

You see, this year we decided instead of giving away branded pens or phone chargers at these events (big thank you to those vendors that did though because I never remember to bring extra chargers and was in dire need of a new gym water bottle!) goMoxie provided professional headshots to attendees at the Digital Insurance conference in Austin and Forrester CX NYC. We are a company, after all, who believes in leveraging relationships and creating better experiences – and what better way to do that then have someone pose for a close-up photo?!

Conference attendees approached our booth (which was set up with full headshot equipment, a large spotlight, mounted backdrop and all) similarly to how a customer may visit your website. They were interested, a little unsure, and in need of some guidance. Luckily, though, the goMoxie team was there to walk them through the process and make them feel comfortable. With a little reassurance the conference attendees trusted us the make the experience (which could otherwise seem intimidating) a positive one. In return, this guidance allowed us to build relationships and build the attendees confidence both in both us and themselves.

We met a man who recently lost 100 pounds and was thrilled to have his social media profile photos updated to reflect his new slimmer self! A young professional who hasn’t been able to invest in headshots because she is just starting out (and NYC rent isn’t cheap!).  A woman who has held on to her profile picture for the last 10 years because she is conscious of her developing wrinkles but in the end loved how her red lipstick popped in her new photo.

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It is this trust and relationship building that parallels providing a stellar online experience. If customers arrive feeling unsure are then left to navigate on their own without help or guidance they’ll grow frustrated and abandon. Abandon their cart, abandon their application… just like someone would have walked away from our booth if we hadn’t greeted them, helped them primp and shown them some flattering poses to capture their personality. However, with helpful information (or a face mirror and oil blotters!)  guiding them, their trust grows and so does the relationship.

goMoxie Suite provides proactive guidance throughout the digital journey, with helpful snippets of information customers are guided to the next step and given answers to their questions before they even have to ask. Engaging customers where they are and providing a clear path enables them to self-serve while still creating a personalized experience and building a relationship.

Our team was glad to help attendees at these shows find their inner confidence and we are glad we have a product that allows brands to support their customers in a way that grows their confidence and builds lasting relationships. gomoxie.com – we make you AND your CX look good. Hopefully we will see you for your close up soon!

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