Choose a Winning Digital Guidance Application

How to Choose a Winning Digital Guidance Application

The acceleration of digital commerce has put a spotlight on how critical the online customer experience is to the success of your business. Seamless digital customer experiences increase conversion rates, save valuable agent time and improve customer satisfaction. In short, a good customer experience means better outcomes for your customers and your business.

Your customers have basic questions and encounter predictable barriers along your digital journey. You can answer these questions and eliminate these barriers with a smart digital strategy. At goMoxie, we call this Digital Guidance.

While digital guidance applications aren’t meant to replace other customer support channels entirely, they able to efficiently (and cost-effectively) engage a much larger portion of customers by proactively offering self-service options. Studies consistently show customers prefer self-service over chat, email and phone. When customers meet friction online, only the really determined 1% reach out by emailing, chatting or calling. The rest abandon the site or shop with a competitor.

So, how do you choose a digital guidance application that reduces customer struggle? Here’s what to look for:

Wide-Ranging Engagement Rules

Digital guidance has a leg up on other support channels because it is able to engage customers in the right way at the right time. When a customer is struggling, you have a very short window of opportunity to save the sale. An application with versatile, customizable engagement rules will allow you to proactively offer information that’s not only helpful, but timely.

Website Integration

An experience that seems disjointed or disconnected from your website is destined to be a CX fail. Make sure your digital guidance tool is integrated within your overall digital experience. Be mindful of page load times and the short attention span that most customers have. Digital guidance should quickly and intuitively assist customers.

Business User Friendly Configuration

Many digital guidance projects never get off the ground because they are typically resource intense. Regardless of your company’s size, internal development teams are often overburdened. Look for a solution that allows nontechnical business users to take the lead on optimizing the digital customer experience without help from the IT department. An easy-to-implement solution can save you time and accelerate development, delivering results faster, and increased satisfaction for customers and employees alike.

Easy Escalation to Chat

The best digital guidance applications complement your chat solutions. Some issues require human support making it important for your contextual app to allow for a seamless handoff to an agent whenever necessary. Most customers would still prefer a quick help chat over picking up the phone and waiting on hold, making live customer service a critical layer of support to keep struggling customers from abandoning.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Your customers are interacting with you across multiple devices and your digital guidance application should be able to serve them on any device they’re on. Make sure to consistently stage your applications and engagements on a variety of devices, and don’t neglect older operating systems. Not everyone uses the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet update. If someone is a release or two behind, that shouldn’t prohibit them from accessing your customer support live chat and digital guidance tools.

Up-to-Date Technology

A digital guidance application is only as powerful as the technology it supports. Your digital customer service infrastructure needs to be nimble and reliable across the board, and that means the team behind the technology you choose needs to be as committed to their customers as you are to yours.

Meet goMoxie: All of the Above and More

Here’s a digital guidance application to consider – goMoxie’s customer guidance tools are designed to streamline the digital customer experience, eliminate the most common customer struggles, and empower business users to easily guide customers through every step of the online buyer’s journey. goMoxie’s product suite has a risk-adjusted ROI of 626% with an investment payback in as little as 3 weeks as verified by Forrester Consulting. Made for business users, our tools require little to no internal IT support, and our team of experts is here to help you onboard and get up to speed quickly.