How to Engage with Your Customers, No Matter Their (Screen) Size

Today, mobile customer engagement isn’t just a perk. It’s a necessity, especially for travel vendors who provide customer service to mobile device users reaching out during their trip. According to Gartner Research, weak mobile customer service harms customer engagement. Learning how to engage with your customers, regardless of their screen size, to provide better service and attract more customers is a must.

Use a Customer Service App

Research shows that four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop. goMoxie Suite allows you to engage customers on their device of choice. goMoxie Suite delivers a seamless experience on desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet environments, so users can enjoy the same great quality of service and familiar interface whenever they need to contact you.
Within goMoxie Suite users can learn more about a particular product, self-serving their information needs. They can send an email message to customer service, which can be helpful for unique situations or complex needs. They can also engage in live chat.

According to a December 2014 survey Harris Poll conducted on goMoxie’s behalf, 70 percent of Americans who booked travel online in the past wanted to connect with a company representative via live chat to complete a specific travel-related action. Live chat helps your customers better understand trip cancelation policies, obtain more information about specific destinations, and gain the confidence they need to book their trip.

Live chat is a mainstay of next-generation customer engagement, connecting customers in need with the help to solve their problems via point-of-demand assistance from your technical experts. Integrating live chat natively into your app makes it easy for your customers to initiate a live chat session.

Accept Texts

SMS (“Short Message Service,” aka text messaging) pair naturally with mobile device users, as they allow users to easily contact customer service with a question or problem. Since text is cheap and easy for both customers and you, it is a good way for businesses of all sizes to offer small device customer service.

At present, only seven percent of consumers communicate with businesses via text message, yet these same consumers regularly text friends, colleagues, and others. Text message is an efficient way for your customer service agents to communicate with clients; it requires no more time than email service. Adding text gives customers another option for service at the point of need and is a game-changer. Incorporate SMS support now to stay ahead of the curve and connect with customers across all devices.

By providing better customer service, you are more likely to retain the customers you have and attract new ones as your happy clients recommend your brand to their circle. Delaying on customer service for mobile device users can put you behind your competitors. Don’t lose your market advantage; learn more about how our device-independent customer service solutions can help you.