Customer Engagement for the New Year

New Year’s Resolution: Improve Customer Engagement

As 2016 kicks off, it’s time to set goals and resolutions for the new year. According to Gartner, brands are expected to compete more in regard to customer experience than product differentiation in 2016. If companies want to remain competitive, it’s time to invest in making positive changes for customers. Another Gartner report states more than half of consumer product and service R&D investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations by 2016-17.

Creating a successful experience for customers doesn’t happen by accident. It requires deliberate strategic planning in which every part of the organization plays an important role. Below are the New Year’s resolutions that all online companies should make in order to ensure they deliver the best customer engagement possible.

Leverage Web Self-Service

Knowledge management delivers tangible results for customer service because customers increasingly use web self-service as a first point of contact. Web self-service is the preferred communication channel for customer service, exceeding phone use. Companies should consider investing in Web Self-Service solutions for customers or customer-facing employees to deliver real time successful interaction and an engaging experience.

Embrace Digital Transformation

During 2015, most companies created engagement programs to move its business into the digital age. In 2016, providing a seamless experience across devices and channels is critical to evolve digitally. Therefore, companies must analyze and implement Digital Engagement Solutions to offer that seamless experience that engages and retains more customers.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Customers want to help themselves. They are more technically savvy with shorter patience for customer support and prefer solving their issues and getting answers as quickly as possible. According to Forrester Research, 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve support issues over a phone call or email. This calls for online retailers to provide different engagement channels like Live Chat, Knowledge base and Web Self-Service on their websites—which reduces customer service costs.

Deliver Omnichannel

Omnichannel is fast replacing multichannel as a requirement for customer service. In 2016, companies can expect an increased shift to an omnichannel approach, with businesses tracking customers across all channels and retaining interaction history simultaneously. With this data and an Intelligent Decisioning Solution, companies can provide superior, customer-centric service…regardless of the channel used.

Engage via Mobile

The one device the consumer has with them all the time (even bedside) is their mobile phone. It’s important for companies to remember that the following cross-channel elements happen on just one device: buy, query, research, socialize, chat, and even talk! Therefore, companies must formulate their 2016 digital engagement strategies around mobile devices.

Offer Live Chat

Digital omnichannel solutions that provide the ability to analyze and engage in real-time are the future for organizations and a must-have for 2016.

By adopting these initiatives, companies can make substantial strides in improving the customer experience in 2016.