Introducing Insights, Proactive Guidance

Easy-to-Understand Insights, Proactive Guidance — Meet goMoxie SEE

With COVID economic uncertainty still raging, and the 2020 holiday season upon us, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be aware of how your customers’ digital experiences are failing to meet expectations. Now is the time to take the right steps to guide every customer to success in order to increase transactions, strengthen satisfaction, and make the most of sales opportunities.

Meet goMoxie SEE — our new advanced behavioral analytics engine that delivers actionable insights to help businesses engage and empower customers for greater experiences and purchase control.

Driving a 5X higher conversion rate, reducing contact center volume by up to 50 percent, and improving average order value by up to 50 percent, goMoxie SEE’s machine learning is primed to pinpoint exact customer journey struggles, equipping companies with points of proactive digital guidance to eliminate the struggle from the customer journey and immediately impact the bottom line. SEE’s innovation and business impact was recognized by the 2020 Engage Awards with a gold win for best use of customer insights.

“AI needs to be tied to action to drive real value for online businesses,” said Nikhil Govindaraj, SVP products at goMoxie. “For years, we’ve seen AI applications that can improve a company’s understanding of their customer experience. But acting on these insights requires significant investments in IT in order to improve the underlying business process. With SEE and CONTEXT, our unique solution provides not only the insights, but also the tools to make an immediate impact to the business. It’s a win for customers as they don’t have to spend effort to figure things out and a win for the business as it improves acquisition and reduces contacts by up to 50%.”

Don’t let your customers be among the over half of all e-commerce consumers that abandon transactions when they struggle to complete online purchases — or worse, the 53 percent that jump to a competitor.

goMoxie SEE is the only AI tool that will improve your customer experience and deliver quantifiable results. Watch the video above to learn more today.