How Insurance Providers Can Get Customers the Information They Need

How Insurance Providers Can Get Customers the Information They Need

Insurance companies, like most industries, are feeling the impact of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, consumers are uncertain about their futures and are depending on their service providers to help them manage their lives amid these difficult times. With your agents transitioning to work from home, your call centers are overwhelmed which has led to your customers being stuck in longer than normal queues. With the backlog, customers often wait long periods in line for an agent which may lead to detrimental frustrations. Furthermore, customers that choose to use digital self-service options may encounter virtual agents or chat bots that are ill-prepared to respond to COVID-19-related questions.

Nevertheless, in these times, agility is what is demanded to limit your customers’ frustrations, however large organizations have struggled to quickly make website changes to inform their customers. The COVID-19 pandemic with new information coming out daily, exacerbates that challenge. Already burdened IT resources may take weeks to enable changes to pages and train bots, virtual assistants, and live representatives to meet customers’ demands for timely insights.

Providing consumers relevant and contextual information when it’s needed is far more helpful. Contextual guidance is more efficient and helps customers when and where they are in your digital tools, whether they are making a claim or looking to understand payment options.

Now is the time to proactively guide customers to the resources they need without overwhelming IT or agents. Reduce contact center volumes by helping customers help themselves.

Guide customers to the information they need to know

One way to help insurance customers in this pandemic is to anticipate their new questions. We’ve compiled a list of these most common questions and concerns to get you started:

Property and Casualty

  1. How can customers make special payment arrangements on auto and property insurance premiums?
  2. How can customers request waived late fees?
  3. What are the specific steps that will guide customers through filing an online claim?
  4. How can customers download the insurance app; how can the app help consumers?
  5. What forms of digital communication are offered and what times are best to reach out?
  6. What are your special programs and partnerships? What are the links to available resources?


  1. Are there waived and/or reimbursed deductibles or co-payments for COVID-19-related testing?
  2. Are there special programs for consumer loans and credit cards?
  3. Since childcare is closed, can customers use their dependent-care funds for in-home expenses?
  4. I have an individual health insurance policy for my family. Is the testing and treatment for COVID-19 covered? Will I have any out of pocket expenses?
  5. Is the testing and treatment of COVID-19 covered for Medicare and Medicaid?
  6. I am on a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). Is testing and treatment covered without a deductible? Will that remain HSA qualified?

Travel & Employee

  1. Why doesn’t my travel insurance cover cancellations caused by a pandemic?
  2. I did not purchase a ‘cancel for any reason’ travel insurance. Is COVID-19 covered?
  3. Can I buy a travel insurance policy that covers COVID-19 for an upcoming trip?
  4. Does standard travel insurance cover me if I contract COVID-19?
  5. The airline cancelled my flights. What are my rights?
  6. Am I eligible for worker’s compensation insurance if I get COVID-19?

Digital Guidance Helps You Help Your Insurance Customers

Digital Guidance solutions enable you to provide insurance consumers with useful information quickly, easily, and inexpensively. These solutions can be used to provide critical COVID-19 alerts and notifications along your insurance customer’s journey. Large banners across the top of sites require your customers to expend valuable time searching for information. Instead, we recommend that information be presented to consumers in snackable bites that are relevant to what they are looking for.

COVID-19 has disrupted your customers’ lives as it has disrupted your business. It has also given you an opportunity to rethink what it means to digitally serve your customers. You should be mindful to monitor and analyze why customers are contacting you along their journeys and use this insight to reduce their frustrations when they use your self-service tools. Helping your customers quickly get the perspectives they need is extremely important today, but will remain so once we return to business as usual and Digital Guidance is a means to this end.