Insurer Guides Digital Customers to Success

Insurer Guides Digital Customers to Success

The landscape of the customer environment is changing fast. Not only do customers expect their experiences to be fast, simple, and convenient, they also want to handle their own needs digitally throughout the process. But how can insurers meet these expectations of the digital age while also ensuring customers understand the complexities of purchasing insurance?

goMoxie’s customer, Mike Hileman, Senior Business Development Manager at Auto Insurance Specialists (AIS Insurance), explains how AIS is reinventing the online experience. In his article AIS Insurance Is Guiding Digital Customers to Success” featured in Digital Insurance, Hileman describes how providing relevant guidance builds trust and confidence for deeper engagement and more profitable digital operations.

According to Bain, digitally active insurance customers increased by more than 60% in the past four years. With so many consumers going to the web, it’s no surprise that live chat is already proving popular for consumers and insurers alike – and for good reason. Most consumers prefer chat over email, live calls, automated self-service, or websites due to the fact that chat is fast, in real-time, and allows them to multitask. Insurers also benefit as live chat drives organic growth by improving customer experience. Chat makes it possible for agents to serve several customers at the same time, improving efficiency as well as responsiveness.

Bain warns that assistance offers based on vague measurements may not always reflect a customer’s actual experience. For that reason, the context-based approach taken by AIS and powered by goMoxie uses actual customer behavior to determine when help is needed. Context-based guidance can help insurers reach every struggling customer, not just those who respond to a live chat invitation. By leveraging chat data to understand how customers engage, and where and how they run into trouble, firms can make real data-driven improvements to their business.

AIS Insurance is moving beyond live chat and is expanding its context-based engagement to assist customers at every point of their journey with goMoxie. Discover how AIS is setting a new standard for the modern industry by meeting customer expectations for a simple, convenient, end-to-end digital experience.