Weddings are big business for online retailers

Wedding Season: Is Your Online Experience Worthy of Love?

Weddings happen year-round, and autumn weddings are on the rise, but summer is still the perennial “wedding season.” And right in line with just about everything else, wedding shopping is becoming an increasingly online affair.

In June 2016, eBay reported a 33 percent uptick in searches for “wedding presents.” This is significant considering eBay’s sheer volume–162 million users as of January 2016. Econsultancy adds that it’s not just wedding presents people are searching for. Brides and grooms are skipping brick and mortar to find their engagement rings, attire and wedding favors online.

Weddings Are Big Business

More than 200 million people get married in the U.S. each year, with the average wedding cost exceeding $30,000. In fact, CNN reported that couples are now spending more than ever on their big day. The average cost for New York couples getting married in Manhattan exceeds $80,000!

Customer Experience is Everything

Weddings are high-touch. They hold deep emotional significance and are one of life’s most cherished milestones. Even when shopping online, brides, grooms, guests and wedding planners expect:

  • Instant attention
  • Guidance in selection
  • Personalized care
  • Invitation to return

The problem is that many brands struggle to meet these demands in the e-commerce arena, leaving customers not only empty-handed but also unimpressed. The shortcomings are often exacerbated on mobile, which increased by 5 percent in 2015 to account for 30 percent of all e-commerce sales.

Creating a Fantastic Online Shopping Experience

Put yourself in a bride’s shoes: You add a beautiful wedding dress to your online shopping cart. You know you still have a lot of questions to ask, and will likely sign off before buying it. Maybe you’ll visit a physical store, or maybe you’ll come back to the computer later to poke around some more.

But imagine that a chat window pops up with an invitation to speak with a wedding specialist. They go on to schedule your fitting, recommend a seamstress and address any concerns you might have. They even offer suggestions for shoes and accessories to match.

That’s a top-notch experience that drives not just a sale, but brand loyalty.

It is indeed difficult to replicate an in-store experience online and across different devices, but technology makes it possible. The goMoxie Suite provides an all-encompassing customer engagement platform that can help you create an online and mobile experience that customers will fall in love with.