It’s Not Magic, It’s Context Aware

To convert site traffic into meaningful sales that increase profits and build business, you absolutely must  anticipate user intent.

Whether you direct an eCommerce travel site and want to drive conversion on vacation packages or you oversee your company’s mobile platform and are tasked with increasing purchases from smartphones and tablets, you know how important customer engagement is. Do so, and you might get the sale. Fail to engage, and that prospect may very well leave forever.

The secret to engagement? Context. Knowing what customers want, why they want it, and the state of mind they’re in helps you turn browsers into shoppers and shoppers into loyal customers.

Does Engagement Really Matter?

Unequivocally yes, it does. As we reported in our SimplyBox acquisition announcement, a shocking 97 percent of website visits still don’t convert to sales. Even when customers do put items in their carts, 50 percent abandon them before the transaction goes through.

What happens in such situations? Customers aren’t engaged. Emotionally, their needs go unmet and they disconnect from your company, your products, and your services. A customer in this situation may still make a purchase, but more often than not they will leave. According to Gallup, fully engaged patrons make 56 percent more restaurant visits than actively disengaged customers, or people with no brand loyalty. Fully engaged electronics customers make 44 percent more visits annually than actively disengaged ones, and spend an average $84 more per trip. The story is the same across industries: engagement sells.

So How Do You Discern Context?

We’re glad you asked. Although it might initially seem difficult to learn enough about a random visitor to predict their context, that’s not so. Here’s how it works:

  • Gather extensive information on site visitors, compiling data about engagement, conversion, average order value, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Use this data to create average profiles of various customer types.
  • Match new visitors to these customers based on their attributes and behavior on your site.
  • Deliver optimal engagement depending on the context of each individual customer.
  • Make more sales.

This information will help you find the right types of engagement for each customer, as well as hit them with interaction when they need it most, instilling trust and converting them more frequently.

How Do You Engage?

Several ways. Here at goMoxie, we offer a wealth of engagement strategies funneled through three main techniques: live chat with the customer in real time, knowledgeable articles that speak to customer needs and answer common questions, and email for answers that require more research, or for customers who want to leave their questions and go. A wide array of engagement approaches will help you relate to the most possible customers.

Anticipate what customers want and need before they even realize it. goMoxie’s technology will help you do just that. If you’re interested in making sales and building longstanding relationships with loyal, trusting customers, talk to us about our products today.