Mobile, Mobile Everywhere: Mobile Optimize Your Travel Site ASAP

Research shows 30 percent of website users abandon an online purchase if the shopping cart isn’t mobile optimized, research shows. For travel businesses, users are increasingly browsing for everything from airline tickets to packaged tours on the go. They want the ability to research and book from any device, mobile included. If you don’t start optimizing your travel site for mobile, you stand to lose customers to your competitors who are already doing so.

Go Device Independent

Today, people shop for goods and services from a range of devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. If your travel website is not optimized for mobile, web users will struggle not be able to find what they need on your site. As a result, they will go elsewhere. The good news is, responsive design adapts to the screen size accessing your website to deliver a seamless, device independent web presence.

Ninety percent of web users report “multi-screening” or moving between devices to complete a task, so this is essential to retain and engage customers. If someone is unable to add a trip to a shopping cart or find a trip itinerary online, they won’t wait until they’re on a desktop computer to reserve a trip. They’ll find another travel provider who can accommodate their needs.

Enhance Discoverability

Travel is such a competitive industry that anything which makes your website more discoverable will reward you with a greater share of business. With Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” update factoring mobile accessibility into their search ranking algorithm, the message is clear: To stay relevant, you must embrace mobile.

If you fail to do so now, you will lose business to your competitors who have a mobile website. You will also see less traffic and ultimately generate less business, as Google pushes your website lower in search results. Along with targeting relevant keywords, adding strong content, and using social media, make mobile a priority so your site gets discovered.


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Engage on the Page

For mobile devices, intervening at the right moment helps you seal the deal. We recommend offering digital engagement services to help consumers make difficult decisions at the moment of need. When booking travel arrangements via mobile devices, customers are in the difficult position of having to make decisions, review cancelation policies, compare prices, and understand large-scale concepts with no help.

goMoxie offers digital engagement tools that let your customer service representatives lend a helping hand at the point of need with live-chat services. Our survey results show that 45 percent of consumers would book travel online more often if they were offered this type of assistance on your website.

Over 600 of the global top brands in finance, travel, and hospitality rely on goMoxie to deliver what their audience needs when they need it, stay relevant, and increase their ROI. Learn more about how goMoxie can help you.