Embrace Mobile’s Seismic Shift of Omnichannel Strategy

The E-commerce paradigm has undergone a significant shift, with the proliferation of shopping channels creating a more diffuse shopping experience. Mobile capabilities are at the center of this diffusion—their ubiquity creates new opportunities for online retailers to engage consumers. Mobile is a formidable channel, posting a year-over-year growth rate of approximately 50% compared to 10% growth for desktop-based e-commerce.

Below are digital engagement strategies that create compelling experiences to anticipate and meet customer needs throughout their entire journey:

Tap M-Commerce Opportunities

According to Forrester, the percentage of buyers completing at least half of their work related purchases online will increase to 56% by 2017. Additionally, this trend will accelerate partly because customers increasingly use smartphones and other mobile devices to research products and place orders. Companies must tap into these mobile moments to engage more customers and drive sales.

Engage On-the-Go Customers

The mobile revolution led by smartphones and applications propelled on-the-go shopping, a radical shift in the way brands, consumers and retailers interact. As consumers use mobile devices and apps to research, browse, compare and shop, Mobile Solutions are a significant channel for online retailers to retain and engage more customers.

Deliver Seamless Customer Experience

E-commerce changed significantly in the last few years to integrate with mobile, social and in-store channels. Consumers want flexibility and convenience when they shop, which forces businesses to develop omnichannel approaches to their e-commerce operations that deliver a seamless customer experience.

Additionally, customers often seek to combine multiple channels into a single shopping experience. They want flexibility to place an order with their smartphone and pick it up at a local store, or transition from checking reviews on social media to place an order online. Combining these elements effectively allows the experience to provide greater satisfaction.

Mitigate Shopping Cart Abandonment

Research by Business Insider indicates there could be more than $4 trillion in merchandise abandoned in online shopping carts. Fortunately, savvy retailers will recover up to 64%. By deploying a mobile optimized live chat solution that quickly answers customer questions, companies can prevent customers from discarding their intended purchase. Most customers won’t wait if they can’t quickly find the necessary information to resolve their problem. That’s why companies should consider and implement goMoxie’s Mobile Chat solution which addresses the needs of customers across their online journey and reduces abandonment rate significantly.

Successful brands drive digital engagement via their apps to provide value in customers’ lives. They’ve shifted from a one-sided sales focus to inform and entice customers on their terms with relevant content and service at the point of need.