Moxie Concierge Wins Big at 2018 Stevie Awards

Moxie Concierge® Wins Big at 2018 Stevie® Awards

Moxie has again been recognized for its leading-edge digital engagement solutions at the 12th Annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Moxie received a gold award in the category of New Products & Services, and a bronze award for Customer Service Success in Financial Service Industries. Both awards were given in recognition of Moxie’s proprietary Concierge service, an integrated suite of intelligent guidance tools that facilitate a seamless online journey for customers.

  • Gold: New Product & Service Awards – Contact Center Solution
  • Bronze: Customer Service Success – Financial Service Industries

From Call Center to Contact Center: Moxie Concierge Redefines Support

Through Moxie’s digital solutions, including chat, email, knowledge and web self-service, brands can provide personalized support to customers based on their behavior at different stages of the online journey. Moxie Concierge draws on the complementary capabilities of each of our digital channels to optimize the end-to-end user experience, alleviating struggle for customers and boosting conversion rates for businesses.

Moxie’s Kbot® Takes Gold for Curing Contact Center Blues

Kbot, the newest cornerstone of Moxie Concierge, is a contextual guidance application that provides useful snippets of information when and where customers need it most. Kbot suggests useful articles, tips, forms, and even video as appropriate to help guide customers as they progress from landing through submission.

With Kbot, companies can help cure contact center blues through true engagement—a customer experience delivering just the right balance between automated and live assistance. Moxie’s Kbot was recently deployed on the Boscov’s eCommerce Store, and the results were significant:

  • 89% of digital engagements are now with Kbot
  • 50% decrease in chat volume, with increase in chat quality due to agents being better able to assist customers
  • 10% decrease in phone volume
  • 44% more revenue derived from Kbot unassisted engagements than from live chat
  • 2% reduction in bounce rate

Moxie Concierge Boosts CSAT Without Human Assistance

Moxie received a bronze Stevie award in the category of customer service success specific to the financial service industry. Through its Concierge offering, Moxie has assisted financial services firms significantly increasing customer satisfaction throughout the application and quote processes without having to engage an agent for help.

As a recent example, Kbot was implemented at a Fortune 500 diversified financial services group to eliminate struggle during the insurance application and purchasing process. Visitors were abandoning their applications altogether because they couldn’t find answers to their questions. Moxie worked with the organization to identify customers’ top four pain points and address them with the deployment of Kbot contextual guidance. Since the company has been using Kbot, customer engagement and satisfaction has increased across the board:

  • 32% increase in initiated applications
  • 73% more applications completed
  • 51% more products sold

About the Stevie Awards

Established in 2002 to acknowledge the achievements being made by global businesses and working professionals, the Stevie Awards have evolved to become a highly esteemed distinction for startups, tech companies, and multinational corporations alike. Past Stevie Award winners include Apple, BASF, Ford Motor Company and countless others.

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service recognize the specific achievements and contributions of sales, customer support, and call center professionals. Moxie is proud to have been recognized for the second consecutive year for its commitment to changing the way eCommerce is run, designing intelligent solutions that enable businesses to truly be there for their customers by replicating the brick and mortar experience online.