Moxie and Microsoft

goMoxie Software Partners with Microsoft. So, What Does It Mean for Microsoft’s Customers?

This morning, we announced our joint, go-to-market partnership with Microsoft offering Spaces by goMoxie within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As part of the partnership, goMoxie Software is now the preferred provider of comprehensive, multi-channel and knowledge base solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM aimed at delivering superior customer experiences. A full copy of the press release is available here.

Anyone who has been following the latest news about Microsoft has seen a flurry of articles discussing how the company is making several moves to increase its “cool factor” – from the launch of its new tablet, the Surface, to the acquisition of Yammer to the revamping of its logo. Austin Carr, design and technology writer for Fast Company, said in radio interview that “Microsoft is really pushing the paradigm forward and making Apple look outdated,” when it comes to latest technology designs.

As many industry analysts have noticed, the factors influencing these changes are rooted in the move towards building more social, collaborative businesses – internally with employees and partners, and externally with customers. This brings me back to today’s announcement and its meaning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

Microsoft understands the need for businesses of all sizes to deliver scalable and personalized experiences. And customers want to connect with enterprises though their preferred communication channel at the time of their choosing. Through this partnership, Microsoft is adding goMoxie’s email, chat, co-browse, social media, and knowledge base solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better meet the demands of today’s socially-connected customers.

To read more details about this news, check out Microsoft’s blog discussing our partnership.