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New Social Chat App Turns Facebook Fans into Customers. goMoxie Can Now Help Brands Engage Directly with Facebook’s Nearly One Billion Active Users

Yesterday, goMoxie Software announced the first social chat that integrates with Facebook’s API.  “[goMoxie’s] new Engage+ App is available with Chat Spaces™, giving companies the ability to access a consumer’s Facebook profile to deliver personalized offers and richer interactions.” Why is this news relevant and why should companies pay attention?

We are seeing the rise of the socially-connected customer, who utilizes a variety of communication channels to contact a company. There are now nearly one billion active Facebook users, who are now using the Facebook platform to connect with their favorite brands. It makes sense for companies to deploy a technology that allows brands to connect directly with consumers to provide a personalized customer experience. Also, it is critical that companies understand that Facebook shouldn’t be handled as an isolated customer communication channel, but instead it needs to be handled as part of an integrated customer communication strategy.

In addition, analyst firms expect that online retail sales will continue to rise in the next years, as consumers want to benefit from the “convenience, selection, and value that the web offers.” To meet this expectation, brands need to leverage a technology that can access a consumer’s rich brand profile enhancing their ability to tailor services and offerings, and ultimately drive revenue.

goMoxie’s Chat Spaces with Engage+ App is the most powerful application in the market, building on our promise of using social technologies to bring companies closer to their customers. Here is a demo of how the technology works.

Stop by our page to chat with goMoxie directly to learn more about goMoxie’s Engage+ App for Chat Spaces.