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Newegg Launches a New Customer Experience

How does North America’s leading online retailer of technology hardware ensure customer satisfaction? By giving customers the timely answers they’re looking for, via the method they prefer.

Moxie is proud to announce that Newegg, an award-winning e-tailer offering thousands of different computer parts and electronics, has paired our self-service and live chat solutions to assist customers along every step of the digital journey.

“Moxie’s digital engagement technology enables us to provide relevant assistance to our loyal customers, especially those who prefer to self-serve,” said Sue Martin, VP of Customer Service at Newegg. “Through the Moxie self-service portal, our customers can be on their mobile device and easily find valuable product information on their own whenever they’d like. Additionally, when a customer requires live assistance, Moxie’s live chat allows that person to instantly connect with a Newegg representative.”

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