Moxie Suite Mobile Interface

Overcoming The Barrier of Empty Online Storefronts – Engaging Visitors to Create Customers

Moxie Suite Mobile InterfaceIn the 1959 Twilight Zone episode, “Where is Everybody?” a man finds himself alone in an empty town that shows signs of very recent inhabitation, yet nobody is present. Diners and stores are all empty, and he is left completely bewildered. This scene bears an eerie resemblance to many online shopping experiences. Clearly someone went through the trouble of creating an online marketplace, but more often than not, nobody is there to greet you, guide you, or answer any questions.

At goMoxie, we’ve always known that digital engagement is a core aspect of online customer loyalty and advocacy, but we recognize that there is a huge opportunity to extend engagement beyond the service and support scenarios and provide it throughout the entire customer journey.

According to Gartner [1], “no rallying principle in the enterprise matters more than the creation of superior customer engagement. IT leaders will need to innovate in engaging customers on all channels and have the metrics to choose the right projects.”

With our latest release, we are doing just that. goMoxie is empowering digital commerce executives to create real-time, contextual engagements across all device types with virtually no custom coding.

It all starts with design, and our new consumer facing digital engagement experience seamlessly adapts to smartphone, tablet, and desktop displays to afford on-demand and proactive engagements featuring contextual knowledge, live chat, and email.

Defining engagement strategies has never been easier using our patent-pending Engagement Mapper that enables business users to create engagements based on the customer decision journey specifically visitor behavior and dynamic page elements and without requiring web developers to add special hooks or pass variables from the application. It’s as simple as point-and-click. Form fields, checkboxes, error messages, prompts; it only takes seconds to create a tailored digital customer engagement experience.

And of course, the proof is in the pudding. We are seeing a net gain in conversion rate between unengaged visitors and engaged visitors of nearly 10x. Visitors are ten times more likely to convert when they are able to access additional information or communicate with a brand representative. That’s a staggering difference, and is why we believe that leaving the digital storefront empty will only perpetuate confusion, indecision, and ultimately abandonment.

goMoxie enables you to engage visitors and guide them through the successful completion of their decision journey rather than being just clicking away down one of the empty corridors of the Twilight Zone.

Randy Nasson is Director of Product Management at goMoxie, a leader in digital engagement across the customer decision journey.

[1] Gartner, “Predicts 2015: Weak Mobile Customer Service Is Harming Customer Engagement,” by Michael Maoz, Jim Davies, Jenny Sussin, Olive Huang, Brian Manusama, Sorell Slaymaker, November 11, 2014