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Raising the Bar: Ensuring a Successful Customer Experience
Tomorrow, October 7th, customer experience (CX) professionals worldwide are gearing up to take part in the second CX Day with local gatherings and online events. The CX Day, as defined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, “Celebrates the rising importance of customer experience to companies, by highlighting the efforts of all customer experience professionals to raise the bar for achievement and innovation in the CX field.”
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Creating Self-Service Experiences that Matter

Moxie’s New Responsive Web Self-Service is Now Available

Self-service is the most commonly accessed online customer engagement channel with a 70% average adoption rate, yet it is the channel that has one of the lowest customer satisfaction rates. To address this issue, Moxie today announced our new Web Self-Service knowledge solution.
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Sports Endeavors Teams Up with Moxie to Engage Global Sports Fans
Every four years, soccer fans from all over the world anxiously await the beginning of the world’s most widely viewed sporting event — the FIFA World Cup. This year’s World Cup starts in just two days in Brazil with the participation of 32 teams. In the next four weeks, there will be lots of interesting stories published about the teams, fans and the host country, Brazil.
How Dell Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences, Leveraging Digital Communication Channels
Moxie recently participated in the Etail West conference that gathered leading retail brands to discuss major trends impacting the industry and showcase best practices and innovative technology for retailers. During our keynote, Jennifer Statham, the executive director of global marketing technology for Dell presented a case study on how Dell is using Moxie’s chat application to give its customers personalized experiences.
ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners
CRMWatchlist 2014 – Customer Engagement: Moxie Is a Winner
ZDNet CRM Watchlist Winners We are delighted and honored again this year for being selected a winner in the 2014 CRMWatchlist. Moxie, along with four other companies, was named a winner in Customer Engagement. Industry influencer and ZDnet writer Paul Greenberg published his analysis of Moxie yesterday and highlighted that “Moxie has been a perennial on the CRM Watchlist winners list because, well, they are very good at what they do.” Paul’s industry knowledge is always reflected in his fair and insightful assessments of the vendors included in the CRMWatchlist.
The Resurgence of Knowledge Management: Recent Discussions at Industry Events
We are participating this week at the KMWorld 2013 conference and joined last week Constellation’s Connected Enterprise summit. At both events, we discussed how organizations are seeking better access to knowledge to improve the decision-making process and speed innovation. While these events have different focuses, parallel discussions explored two interconnected trends:
  • The resurgence of knowledge management; and
  • The continued growth in the number of multi-channel consumers.
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National Customer Service Week 2013—It’s a Wrap
The celebrations of the customer service week are coming to an end, but the professionals who are on the front line of customer care and support understand the importance of using best practices to deliver the highest degree of customer care every day. In this round up, we selected recently published stories that highlight companies and their professionals that go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction: