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6 Tips for Increasing Your Mobile Conversion Rates
It’s no secret that consumers increasingly use their smartphones and tablets to research and shop while they’re on the go. At the same time, they ask their friends for recommendations via social media and share their opinions on goods and services.
Give Customers the Tools They Need to Decide, Right On Your Site
When it comes to travel, Americans want to get on-demand help when they need it to improve decision making and streamline travel plans—without ever leaving your website. goMoxie offers three tools that can help you give your customers what they want and need to make a decision right on your site. Learn how we can help you draw more business, while also increasing business.
Engage with Customers Early and Increase Conversion Rates
Day in and day out, customers are inundated with so much information from competing companies that it can be hard to cut through all the clutter and get your message out into the marketplace. This underscores the need to engage with your customers early and often. The earlier you engage with customers, the better your ability to increase conversion rates.
7 Ways Mobile Devices Changed eCommerce
In the earliest days of the commercialized, advertising-soaked Internet, people had to make do using their desktops and laptops to search for companies, products, and services. Now mobile devices have such tremendous market penetration, companies should consider how smartphones and tablets have changed the way consumers use the Internet.
Move from Looking to Booking with Context Aware Technology
Are you focusing too much on generating website traffic and ignoring what's really important to business growth—conversions? Focusing on traffic generation at the expense of conversion is a common business mistake, especially in the travel sector where competition is increasing rapidly. Learn how a knowledge base can provide your travel website users with the information they need to make informed decisions and ultimately convert.
Mobile, Mobile Everywhere: Mobile Optimize Your Travel Site ASAP
Research shows 30 percent of website users abandon an online purchase if the shopping cart isn't mobile optimized, research shows. For travel businesses, users are increasingly browsing for everything from airline tickets to packaged tours on the go. They want the ability to research and book from any device, mobile included. If you don't start optimizing your travel site for mobile, you stand to lose customers to your competitors who are already doing so.
5 Simple Changes to Increase Your Conversion Rates
In many cases, getting customers to visit your website is not the hard part—it is getting them to make a purchase, sign up for a mailing list, or commit to using your service. Conversion is the challenge. While every company has different obstacles standing in their way, and may obtain conversions a little differently, here are five simple changes you can make immediately that will improve your conversion rate—both online and through your mobile platform:
Glance Chat CoBrowse
Chat + Cobrowse: In-Person Experiences For Mobile Customers
Glance Chat CoBrowse This piece was originally posted on the Glance Networks blog and has been reposted here with permission.
When I went to a store last week to buy a camera, I needed help. The sales representative walked me to the right aisle, showed me several options and helped me when I swiped my credit card the wrong way in the machine. Altogether, it was a very pleasant shopping experience.
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Successful Digital Engagement: A Must for the Travel Industry
Digital Traveler Graphic Today’s consumer expects to be able to do more and more activities on their mobile device, ranging from banking and shopping to ordering meals. That’s not all… a recent study found consumers also want the ability to book travel plans from their smartphone or tablet. Delivering that requires proactive engagement and assistance to ensure a successful customer experience. Harris Poll conducted an online study in December 2014 on behalf of goMoxie and surveyed more than 2,000 online U.S. adults about their actions, attitudes, and opinions. For instance, the study shows that 70 percent of Americans who booked travel online in the past 12 months believe that having the option to connect with a company representative via live chat would be more personal and effective when trying to complete a travel specific task.
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Improving Customer Satisfaction and Increasing Conversions Rates One Chat at the Time
online shoppingIn a recent blog post, Forrester principal analyst Kate Leggett discussed that customers are embracing more communication channels as they engage brands online. Leggett revealed that consumers are contacting companies more frequently, and are looking for easy and effective communication channels to get to the answers they need. The post highlights that one of the channels that continues gaining popularity among consumers is chat – “Online chat adoption continues to rise – from 38% in 2009 to 43% in 2012 to 58% in 2014.” Delivering great quality support across digital engagement channels is a key priority for many organizations, and chat is a great technology to help achieve this goal. Beyond support, organizations need to consider chat as a key digital engagement tool that allows them to connect with their customers across the entire digital journey — from sales to support. goMoxie Chat customers report an average of 400% increase in order size when engaging customers online.