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Bad Live Chat or No Live Chat
Is bad chat better than no chat?

Whatever our professional role, we’re all consumers too, so it’s often interesting to experience the results of customer facing technology from the other...

Email Omni Channel
Effectively Manage Customer Emails

Customers expect timely and personalized attention from any device. Consider 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by emails from companies (Adobe)....

Moxie Knowledge Base Tips
Ensure Your Knowledge Base Helps Customers

Providing customers with a knowledge base should be a given, but another essential aspect is ensuring it effectively assists with their needs. Companies...

Demo: goMoxie Engagement Mapper

goMoxie transforms the digital experience, delivering targeted, proactive engagements that anticipate and meet customer needs throughout their journey and across any device. See how...

Why Customer Engagement Matters
Why Customer Engagement Matters

Online commerce is fast changing as more and more consumers choose to interact with brands online and on mobile devices. According to PWC,...

Moxie Omni-channel Solution
Building a Better Omni-Channel Experience

Retail businesses that don’t offer a seamless omni-channel experience to today’s consumer are missing out on everything: revenue, conversions, customer loyalty…just to name...

eCommerce Engagement Context Matters
Why Context Matters in eCommerce

Conversations with eCommerce experts inevitably touch on several buzzwords that have long been the cornerstone for increasing brand loyalty and conversion rates: “Personalization”,...

Valentines Commerce
Capitalize on Valentine’s Day Commerce
The most romantic day of the year is almost here! Valentine’s Day is a popular ecommerce holiday when global retailers cash in on the power of love to bring in more revenue every year. This Valentine’s Day, smartphone and tablets will account for 28 percent of sales for products in categories traditionally associated with the holiday, according to Criteo. Last year, Americans spent $126 on Valentine’s Day per person, roughly $17 billion in total, 1/5 of which was spent online. This number is expected to rise considerably this year. (RetailWeek)
Engage Your Mobile App Users
Keeping Your Mobile App Users Engaged
In the United States, Android and iPhone users ages 18 and over spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago. Mobile Apps present a unique opportunity for brands, and thus should not be treated as another version of the website. If conversion and monetization are your goals, then app “Stickiness” is key.
Changing eCommerce Landscape
Remain Competitive in a Changing Retail Landscape
Consumers’ shopping expectations, preferences, and behaviors continue to evolve due to new mobile technologies which make price and product information highly accessible. Consumers are more informed, more connected, and more demanding when they shop online.
Embrace Mobile’s Seismic Shift of Omnichannel Strategy
The E-commerce paradigm has undergone a significant shift, with the proliferation of shopping channels creating a more diffuse shopping experience. Mobile capabilities are at the center of this diffusion—their ubiquity creates new opportunities for online retailers to engage consumers. Mobile is a formidable channel, posting a year-over-year growth rate of approximately 50% compared to 10% growth for desktop-based e-commerce.
Customer Engagement for the New Year
New Year’s Resolution: Improve Customer Engagement
As 2016 kicks off, it’s time to set goals and resolutions for the new year. According to Gartner, brands are expected to compete more in regard to customer experience than product differentiation in 2016. If companies want to remain competitive, it’s time to invest in making positive changes for customers. Another Gartner report states more than half of consumer product and service R&D investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations by 2016-17. Creating a successful experience for customers doesn’t happen by accident. It requires deliberate strategic planning in which every part of the organization plays an important role. Below are the New Year’s resolutions that all online companies should make in order to ensure they deliver the best customer engagement possible.